Graf, Sylvie

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Adam‐Troian, Jais; Wagner-Egger, Pascal; Motyl, Matt; Arciszewski, Thomas; Zimmer, Felix; Klein, Olivier; Babinska, Maria; Bangerter, Adrian; Bilewicz, Michal; Blanuša, Nebojša; Bovan, Kosta; Bužarovska, Rumena; Cichocka, Aleksandra; Çelebi, Elif; Delouvée, Sylvain; Douglas, Karen M.; Dyrendal, Asbjørn; Gjoneska, Biljana; Graf, Sylvie; Gualda, Estrella; ... (2021). Investigating the links between cultural values and belief in conspiracy theories: The Key roles of collectivism and masculinity. Political Psychology, 42(4), pp. 597-618. Wiley 10.1111/pops.12716


Graf, Sylvie; Linhartova, Pavla; Sczesny, Sabine (2020). The effects of news report valence and linguistic labels on prejudice against social minorities. Media psychology, 23(2), pp. 215-243. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/15213269.2019.1584571


Graf, Sylvie; Sczesny, Sabine (10 September 2019). Personal experiences with asylum seekers can disrupt the normative influence of mass-media on solidarity with asylum seekers (Unpublished). In: 16th SPS SGP SSP Congress. Bern. 10.09.2019.

Graf, Sylvie; Sczesny, Sabine (12 July 2019). Direct but not mass-mediated intergroup contact with migrants is linked to behaviour supporting migrants through attitudes: The role of political orientation. (Unpublished). In: 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology. Lisbon, Portugal. 12. - 15.07.2019.

Graf, Sylvie; Sczesny, Sabine (26 June 2019). Intergroup communication about migration shapes attitudes toward migrants and immigration policies: The role of emotions and cognitions. (Unpublished). In: The EASP Meeting on Intergroup Communication. Bologna, Italy. 26.06.-28.06.2019.

Graf, Sylvie; Sczesny, Sabine (23 May 2019). Information and language in news impact prejudice against minorities. Medienmitteilung der Universität Bern

Graf, Sylvie; Sczesny, Sabine (7 May 2019). What shapes our attitudes and behaviours toward migrants? The role of past intergroup contact and media exposure (Unpublished). In: Berner Gespräche zur Migration. Bern. 07.05.2019.

Graf, Sylvie (16 April 2019). Immigrants in the media: "How mass media shape the perception of others: The refugee Crisis and postconflict societies.". In: Czech Republic (Expert meeting). CRo Plus Czech Radio

Rupar, Mirjana; Graf, Sylvie (2019). Different forms of intergroup contact with former adversary are linked to distinct reconciliatory acts through symbolic and realistic threat. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 49(2), pp. 63-74. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/jasp.12565

Graf, Sylvie; Sczesny, Sabine (2019). Intergroup contact with migrants is linked to support for migrants through attitudes, especially in people who are politically right wing. International journal of intercultural relations, 73, pp. 102-106. Elsevier 10.1016/j.ijintrel.2019.09.001

Zingora, Tibor; Graf, Sylvie (2019). Marry who you love: Intergroup contact with gay people and another stigmatized minority is related to voting on the restriction of gay rights through threat. Journal of applied social psychology, 49(11), pp. 684-703. Wiley 10.1111/jasp.12627


Graf, Sylvie; Hřebíčková, Martina; Petrjánošová, Magdalena; Leix, Alicja (November 2018). Czechs are better than they think. AB Bulletin of the Czech Acedemy of Sciences, 2018(11), pp. 12-13. Czech Acedemy of Sciences

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Hřebíčková, Martina; Mõttus, René; Graf, Sylvie; Jelínek, Martin; Realo, Anu (2018). How accurate are national stereotypes? A test of different methodological approaches. European journal of personality, 32(2), pp. 87-99. Wiley 10.1002/per.2146

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