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Husmann, M; Dorffler-Melly, J; Kalka, C; Diehm, N; Baumgartner, I; Silvestro, A (2008). Successful lower extremity angioplasty improves brachial artery flow-mediated dilation in patients with peripheral arterial disease. Journal of vascular surgery, 48(5), pp. 1211-6. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.jvs.2008.06.039

Husmann, M; Willenberg, T; Keo, H.H.; Spring, S; Kalodiki, E; Delis, K.T. (2008). Integrity of venoarteriolar reflex determines level of microvascular skin flow enhancement with intermittent pneumatic compression. Journal of vascular surgery, 48(6), pp. 1509-13. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.jvs.2008.07.016

Keo, Hak Hong; Diehm, Nicolas; Baumgartner, R; Husmann, Marc; Baumgartner, Iris (2008). Single center experience with provisional abciximab therapy in complex lower limb interventions. Vasa - European journal of vascular medicine, 3(37), pp. 257-64. Bern: Huber 10.1024/0301-1526.37.3.257

Keo, H; Do, D; Husmann, M; Baumgartner, I (2008). Oral sirolimus for prevention of recurrent infrainguinal arterial obstructions after surgical and endovascular revascularizations. Vasa - European journal of vascular medicine, 37(3), pp. 285-8. Bern: Huber 10.1024/0301.1526.37.3.285

Warncke, C; Alberio, L; Savolainen, H; von Allmen, R; Baumgartner, I; Husmann, M (2008). "HIT on Trousseau" double trouble: acquired coagulopathy with femoral artery thrombosis. Vasa - European journal of vascular medicine, 37(3), pp. 281-4. Bern: Huber 10.1024/0301.1526.37.3.281

Willenberg, Torsten; Husmann, Marc; Baumgartner, Iris (2008). Treatment of patients with diabetes, with particular reference to rosiglitazone issue swith respect to cardiovascular mortality. In: Vascular and Endovascular Consensus Update (pp. 525-533). BIBA Publishing


Barton, M; Husmann, M.J. (2007). Effects of obesity on mortality in patients with unstable angina or non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction. European Heart Journal, 28(23), pp. 2950-51. Oxford: Oxford University Press 10.1093/eurheartj/ehm460

Husmann, M; Keller, M; Barton, M (2007). Atherosklerotische Gefässerkrankungen und Stickstoffmonoxid (NO): Die zunehmende klinische Bedeutung von hoher Lebenserwartung und Übergewicht. Schweizerisches Medizin-Forum SMF / Swiss medical forum / Forum médical suisse FMS(50), pp. 1008-1011. Basel: EMH Editores Medicorum Helveticorum

Husmann, M; Barton, M (2007). Therapeutical potential of direct thrombin inhibitors for atherosclerotic vascular disease. Expert opinion on investigational drugs, 16(5), pp. 563-7. London: Informa Healthcare 10.1517/13543784.16.5.563

Husmann, M J; Heller, G; Kalka, C; Savolainen, H; Do, D D; Schmidli, J; Baumgartner, I (2007). Stenting of common iliac vein obstructions combined with regional thrombolysis and thrombectomy in acute deep vein thrombosis. European journal of vascular and endovascular surgery EJVES, 34(1), pp. 87-91. London: Elsevier 10.1016/j.ejvs.2007.01.006


Kickuth, R; Ludwig, K C; Do, D-D; Husmann, M; Baumgartner, I; Triller, J (2006). [Guidance of interventions in subintimal recanalization and fenestration of dissection membranes using a novel dual-lumen intravascular ultrasound catheter]. RöFo. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden Verfahren, 178(9), pp. 898-905. Stuttgart: Thieme 10.1055/s-2006-926934

Husmann, Marc J; Kickuth, Ralf; Ludwig, Karin; Schmidli, Jürg; Baumgartner, Iris; Triller, Jürgen; Do, Dai-Do (2006). Intravascular ultrasound-guided creation of re-entry sites to improve intermittent claudication in patients with aortic dissection. Journal of endovascular therapy, 13(3), pp. 424-8. Phoenix, Ariz.: International Society of Endovascular Specialists 10.1583/05-1807.1

Husmann, Marc J; Barton, Matthias; Jacomella, Vincenzo; Silvestro, Antonio; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice R (2006). Long-term effects of endovascular angioplasty on orthostatic vasocutaneous autoregulation in patients with peripheral atherosclerosis. Journal of vascular surgery, 44(5), pp. 993-7. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.jvs.2006.06.038

Husmann, M J; Simon, R; Kovacevic, T; Gitzelmann, G; Koppensteiner, R; Amann-Vesti, B R (2006). Lymphatic clearance of the human skin in patients with acute deep vein thrombosis using a novel fluorescent technique. Lymphology, 39(3), pp. 127-31. Tucson, Ariz.: International Society of Lymphology

Husmann, Marc J; Barton, Matthias; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice R; Franzeck, Ulrich K (2006). Postural effects on interstitial fluid pressure in humans. Journal of vascular research, 43(4), pp. 321-6. Basel: Karger 10.1159/000093197

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