Kyrou, Alexandra

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Kyrou, Alexandra; Grünert, Elina; Wüthrich, Florian; Nadesalingam, Niluja; Chapellier, Victoria; Nuoffer, Melanie G; Pavlidou, Anastasia; Lefebvre, Stéphanie; Walther, Sebastian (2024). Test-retest reliability of resting-state cerebral blood flow quantification using pulsed Arterial Spin Labeling (PASL) over 3 weeks vs 8 weeks in healthy controls. Psychiatry research. Neuroimaging, 341(111823), p. 111823. Elsevier 10.1016/j.pscychresns.2024.111823

Walther, Sebastian; Alexaki, Danai; Weiss, Florian; Baumann-Gama, Daniel; Kyrou, Alexandra; Nuoffer, Melanie G; Wüthrich, Florian; Lefebvre, Stephanie; Nadesalingam, Niluja (2024). Psychomotor Slowing in Psychosis and Inhibitory Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA psychiatry, 81(6), pp. 563-571. American Medical Association 10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2024.0026

Lefebvre, Stephanie; Gehrig, Gwendolyn; Nadesalingam, Niluja; Nuoffer, Melanie G; Kyrou, Alexandra; Wüthrich, Florian; Walther, Sebastian (2024). The pathobiology of psychomotor slowing in psychosis: altered cortical excitability and connectivity. Brain : a journal of neurology, 147(4), pp. 1423-1435. Oxford University Press 10.1093/brain/awad395

Walther, Sebastian; Nadesalingam, Niluja; Nuoffer, Melanie; Kyrou, Alexandra; Wüthrich, Florian; Lefebvre, Stephanie (2024). Structural alterations of the motor cortex and higher order cortical areas suggest early neurodevelopmental origin of catatonia in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research, 263, pp. 131-138. Elsevier 10.1016/j.schres.2022.10.004

Maderthaner, Lydia; Pavlidou, Anastasia; Lefebvre, Stephanie; Nadesalingam, Niluja; Chapellier, Victoria; von Känel, Sofie; Kyrou, Alexandra; Alexaki, Despoina Danai; Wüthrich, Florian; Weiss, Florian; Baumann-Gama, Daniel; Wiest, Roland; Strik, Werner; Kircher, Tilo; Walther, Sebastian (2023). Neural Correlates of Formal Thought Disorder Dimensions in Psychosis. Schizophrenia bulletin, 49(Suppl. 2), S104-S114. Oxford University Press 10.1093/schbul/sbac120

Nadesalingam, Niluja; Lefebvre, Stéphanie; Alexaki, Danai; Baumann Gama, Daniel; Wüthrich, Florian; Kyrou, Alexandra; Kerkeni, Hassen; Kalla, Roger; Walther, Sebastian (2023). The Behavioral Mapping of Psychomotor Slowing in Psychosis Demonstrates Heterogeneity Among Patients Suggesting Distinct Pathobiology. Schizophrenia bulletin, 49(2), pp. 507-517. Oxford University Press 10.1093/schbul/sbac170

Nuoffer, Melanie; Lefebvre, Stephanie; Nadesalingam, Niluja; Alexaki, Danai; Baumann Gama, Daniel; Wüthrich, Florian; Kyrou, Alexandra; Kerkeni, Hassen; Kalla, Roger; Walther, Sebastian (2022). Psychomotor slowing alters gait velocity, cadence, and stride length and indicates negative symptom severity in psychosis. Schizophrenia, 8(1), p. 116. Springer Nature 10.1038/s41537-022-00324-x

von Känel, Sofie; Nadesalingam, Niluja; Alexaki, Despoina; Baumann Gama, Daniel; Kyrou, Alexandra; Lefebvre, Stéphanie; Walther, Sebastian (2022). Measuring catatonia motor behavior with objective instrumentation. Frontiers in psychiatry, 13, p. 880747. Frontiers 10.3389/fpsyt.2022.880747

Pinilla, Severin; Kyrou, Alexandra; Maissen, Norina; Klöppel, Stefan; Nissen, Christoph; Huwendiek, Sören (15 September 2021). Anvertrauen von klinischen Tätigkeiten in der medizinischen Ausbildung aus der Perspektive von Studierenden – eine qualitative Studie. In: GMA-Jahrestagung DocV21-02. Düsseldorf: German Medical Science GMS Publishing House 10.3205/21gma079

Pinilla, Severin; Kyrou, Alexandra; Maissen, Norina; Klöppel, Stefan; Strik, Werner; Nissen, Christoph; Huwendiek, Sören (2021). Perceptions of ad hoc entrustment decisions: A qualitative study of early clinical students. In: AMEE 2021. virtual conference, Dundee. 27. - 30. August 2021.

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