Löbelenz, Laura Isabel

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Mingels, Clemens; Loebelenz, Laura I; Huber, Adrian T; Alberts, Ian; Rominger, Axel; Afshar-Oromieh, Ali; Obmann, Verena C (2023). Literature review: Imaging in prostate cancer. Current problems in cancer, 47(2), p. 100968. Elsevier 10.1016/j.currproblcancer.2023.100968

Klaus, Jeremias B; Christodoulidis, Stergios; Peters, Alan A; Hourscht, Cynthia; Loebelenz, Laura I; Munz, Jaro; Schroeder, Christophe; Sieron, Dominik; Drakopoulos, Dionysios; Stadler, Severin; Heverhagen, Johannes T; Prosch, Helmut; Huber, Adrian; Pohl, Moritz; Mougiakakou, Stavroula; Christe, Andreas; Ebner, Lukas (2023). Influence of Lung Reconstruction Algorithms on Interstitial Lung Pattern Recognition on CT. RöFo. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden Verfahren, 195(1), pp. 47-54. Thieme 10.1055/a-1901-7814


Nevesny, Franck; Rotzinger, David C; Sauter, Alexander W; Löbelenz, Laura I; Schmuelling, Lena; Alkadhi, Hatem; Ebner, Lukas; Christe, Andreas; Platon, Alexandra; Poletti, Pierre-Alexandre; Qanadli, Salah D (2022). Acute Pulmonary Embolism in COVID-19: A Potential Connection between Venous Congestion and Thrombus Distribution. Biomedicines, 10(6) MDPI 10.3390/biomedicines10061300

Schroeder, Christophe; Loebelenz, Laura I; Heverhagen, Johannes T; Noeldge, Gerd; Brönnimann, Michael P; Kim, Soung Yung (2022). Full core technology versus notch sampling technology: evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy and the risk of a pneumothorax after transthoracic needle biopsy of suspicious lung lesions. Acta radiologica, 63(1), pp. 35-41. Sage 10.1177/0284185120981575


Peters, Alan A.; Decasper, Amanda; Munz, Jaro; Klaus, Jeremias; Loebelenz, Laura I.; Hoffner, Maximilian Korbinian Michael; Hourscht, Cynthia; Heverhagen, Johannes T.; Christe, Andreas; Ebner, Lukas (2021). Performance of an AI based CAD system in solid lung nodule detection on chest phantom radiographs compared to radiology residents and fellow radiologists. Journal of thoracic disease, 13(5), pp. 2728-2737. AME Publishing Company 10.21037/jtd-20-3522

Solomon, Justin; Ebner, Lukas; Christe, Andreas; Peters, Alan; Munz, Jaro; Löbelenz, Laura; Klaus, Jeremias; Richards, Taylor; Samei, Ehsan; Roos, Justus E (2021). Minimum perceivable size difference: how well can radiologists visually detect a change in lung nodule size from CT images? European radiology, 31(4), pp. 1947-1955. Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00330-020-07326-2


Fontanellaz, Matthias Andreas; Ebner, Lukas; Huber, Adrian; Peters, Alan; Löbelenz, Laura; Hourscht, Cynthia; Klaus, Jeremias; Munz, Jaro; Ruder, Thomas; Drakopoulos, Dionysios; Sieron, Dominik; Primetis, Elias; Heverhagen, Johannes; Mougiakakou, Stavroula; Christe, Andreas (2020). A Deep-Learning Diagnostic Support System for the Detection of COVID-19 Using Chest Radiographs: A Multireader Validation Study. Investigative radiology, 56(6), pp. 348-356. Wolters Kluwer Health 10.1097/RLI.0000000000000748

Sieron, Dominik; Drakopoulos, Dionysios; Löbelenz, Laura I.; Schroeder, Christophe; Ebner, Lukas; Obmann, Verena C.; Huber, Adrian T.; Christe, Andreas (2020). Correlation between fat signal ratio on T1-weighted MRI in the lower vertebral bodies and age, comparing 1.5-T and 3-T scanners. Acta radiologica open, 9(1), pp. 1-9. Sage Publications Ltd. 10.1177/2058460120901517

Ebner, L.; Klaus, J.; Loebelenz, L.; Munz, J.; Peters, A.; Schroeder, C.; Hourscht, C.; Drakopoulos, D.; Sieron, D.; Heverhagen, J.; Christe, A. (2020). INFLUENCE OF SOFT VS HARD COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY RECONSTRUCTION KERNEL ON RADIOLOGICAL PATTERN RECOGNITION. Chest, 157(6), A224. American College of Chest Physicians 10.1016/j.chest.2020.05.251


Löbelenz, Laura I.; Ebner, Lukas; Obmann, Verena C.; Huber, Adrian T.; Christe, Andreas (2019). Kerley B lines in the lung apex - a distinct CT sign for pulmonary congestion. Swiss medical weekly, 149(w20119), w20119. EMH Media 10.4414/smw.2019.20119

Ebner, Lukas; Huber, Adrian Thomas; Peters, Alan Arthur; Löbelenz, Laura Isabel; Heverhagen, Johannes; Christe, Andreas (February 2019). Usual Interstitial pneumonia (UIP) pattern revisited: comparison of the recently introduced Fleischner recommendations for the diagnosis of UIP pattern and the 2011 ATS/ERS criteria for UIP pattern on chest Computed Tomography (Unpublished). In: European Congress of Radiology, ECR.


Löbelenz, Laura Isabel; Ebner, Lukas; Christe, Andreas (May 2018). Kerley-B-lines in the lung apex - a new CT sign for pulmonary congestion. In: Swiss Congress of Radiology SCR 2018. Lausanne. 10.-12. Mai 2018.

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