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Wunder, D; Birkhäuser, MH; Bersinger, NA (2011). Soluble HLA-G concentration in follicular fluid and embryo culture medium and its impact on prediction or pregnancy. In: Jahreskongress SGGG, Lugano 2011 28 (pp. 43-50). Jahreskongress SGGG, Lugano 2011 10.1016/j.immbio.2012.10.004

Wunder, D; Neurohr, EM; Faouzi, M; Birkhäuser, M (2011). Origin of multiple pregnancies in Berne, Switzerland, between 1995 and 2006: is IVF-ICSI really the most important origin? In: Jahreskongress SGGG, Lugano 2011. Jahreskongress SGGG, Lugano 2011


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