Yoshida, Koji

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Moreno, Pavel; La Rosa, Andrea; Kolivoska, Viliam; Bermejo, Daniel; Hong, Wenjing; Yoshida, Koji; Baghernejad, Masoud; Filippone, Salvatore; Broekmann, Peter; Wandlowski, Thomas; Martín, Nazario (2015). Charge Transport in C 60 -Based Dumbbell-type Molecules: Mechanically Induced Switching between Two Distinct Conductance States. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137(6), pp. 2318-2327. American Chemical Society 10.1021/ja511271e


Yoshida, Koji; Kuzume, Akiyoshi; Broekmann, Peter; Pobelov, Ilya V.; Wandlowski, Thomas (2014). Reconstruction and electrochemical oxidation of Au(110) surface in 0.1 M H2SO4. Electrochimica acta, 139, pp. 281-288. Elsevier Science 10.1016/j.electacta.2014.06.162

Kolivoska, Viliam; Mohos, Miklos; Pobelov, Ilya; Rohrbach, Simon; Yoshida, Koji; Hong, Wenjing; Fu, Yongchun; Moreno, Pavel; Mészáros, Gábor; Broekmann, Peter; Hromadová, M.; Sokolová, R.; Valášek, M.; Wandlowski, Thomas (2014). Electrochemical control of a non-covalent binding between ferrocene and beta-cyclodextrin. Chemical communications, 50(79), pp. 11757-11759. Royal Society of Chemistry 10.1039/C4CC04102J


Pobelov, Ilya; Mohos, Miklos; Yoshida, Koji; Kolivoska, Viliam; Avdic, Amra; Lugstein, Alois; Bertagnolli, Emmerich; Leonhardt, Kelly; Guy, Denuault; Gollas, Bernhard; Wandlowski, Thomas (2013). Electrochemical current-sensing atomic force microscopy in conductive solutions. Nanotechnology, 24(11), p. 115501. Institute of Physics Publishing IOP 10.1088/0957-4484/24/11/115501

Rudnev, Alexander; Yoshida, Koji; Wandlowski, Thomas (2013). Electrochemical characterization of self-assembled Ferrocene-terminated alkanethiol monolayers on low-index gold single crystal electrodes. Electrochimica acta, 87, pp. 770-778. Elsevier Science 10.1016/j.electacta.2012.09.090


Yoshida, Koji; Pobelov, Ilya; Mésàros, Gábor; Mishchenko, Artem; Gulcur, Murat; Bryce, Martin R; Wandlowski, Thomas (2012). Electromechanical properties of atomic and molecular junctions measured by conductive atomic force microscopy. In: 28th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Working Group on Surface and Interface Science, Book of Abstracts 37. Fribourg, Switzerland. 27.1.2012.

Vu, Thu-Hien; Young-Chun, Fu; Yoshida, Koji; Pobelov, Ilja V.; Wandlowski, Thomas (2012). Probing double layer structure of BMPy-FEP on Au(111): Cyclic voltammetry, in-situ STM/STS and AFM studies. In: 63rd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry. Prague, Czech Republic. 19.-24.08.2012.

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