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Journal Article

Sweda, Romy; Wildhaber, Reto A; Mortier, Simone; Bruegger, Dominik; Niederhauser, Thomas; Goette, Josef; Jacomet, Marcel; Tanner, Hildegard; Häberlin, Andreas (2019). Toward a novel semi-invasive activation mapping tool for the diagnosis of supraventricular arrhythmias from the esophagus. Annals of noninvasive electrocardiology, 24(5), e12652. Wiley 10.1111/anec.12652

Vasireddy, Radhakrishna Rakesh; Roth, Corinne; Mathis, Johannes; Goette, Josef; Jacomet, Marcel; Vogt, Andreas (2018). K-band Doppler radar for contact-less overnight sleep marker assessment: a pilot validation study. Journal of clinical monitoring and computing, 32(4), pp. 729-740. Springer 10.1007/s10877-017-0060-9

Wildhaber, Reto Andreas; Bruegger, Dominik; Zalmai, Nour; Malmberg, Hampus; Goette, Josef; Jacomet, Marcel; Tanner, Hildegard; Häberlin, Andreas; Loeliger, Hans-Andrea (2018). Estimation of the Cardiac Field in the Esophagus Using a Multipolar Esophageal Catheter. IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems, 12(4), pp. 791-800. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE 10.1109/TBCAS.2018.2817027

Häberlin, Andreas; Lacheta, Lucca; Niederhauser, Thomas; Marisa, Thanks; Wildhaber, Reto A; Goette, Josef; Jacomet, Marcel; Seiler, Jens; Fuhrer, Jürg; Roten, Laurent; Tanner, Hildegard; Vogel, Rolf (2016). Markers for silent atrial fibrillation in esophageal long-term electrocardiography. Journal of electrocardiology, 49(4), pp. 496-503. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jelectrocard.2016.03.006

Haeberlin, Andreas; Studer, Evelyn; Niederhauser, Thomas; Stoller, Michael; Marisa, Thanks; Götte, Josef; Jacomet, Marcel; Traupe, Tobias; Seiler, Christian; Vogel, Rolf (2014). Electrocardiographic ST-segment monitoring during controlled occlusion of coronary arteries. Journal of electrocardiology, 47(1), pp. 29-37. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jelectrocard.2013.10.003

Niederhauser, Thomas; Häberlin, Andreas; Marisa, Thanks; Mattle, Daniel; Abächerli, Roger; Götte, Josef; Jacomet, Marcel; Vogel, Rolf (2014). An optimized lead system for long-term esophageal electrocardiography. Physiological measurement, 35(4), pp. 517-532. Institute of Physics Publishing IOP 10.1088/0967-3334/35/4/517

Haeberlin, Andreas; Niederhauser, Thomas; Marisa, Thanks; Mattle, Daniel; Jacomet, Marcel; Goette, Josef; Tanner, Hildegard; Vogel, Rolf (2012). Esophageal long-term ECG reveals paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. Circulation, 125(18), pp. 2281-2. Baltimore, Md.: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.111.080762

Niederhauser, Thomas; Marisa, Thanks; Häberlin, Andreas; Götte, Josef; Jacomet, Marcel; Vogel, Rolf (2011). High resolution esophageal long-term ECG recorder. Biomedical engineering online, 56(Suppl. 1) London: BioMed Central

Conference or Workshop Item

Vasireddy, Rakesh; Roth, Corinne; Goette, Josef; Jacomet, Marcel; Vogt, Andreas (2017). K-Band Doppler Radar is feasible and accurate to record and assess overnight respiratory rate. In: Eskola, H.; Väisänen, O.; Viik, J.; Hyttinen, J. (eds.) Joint Conference of the European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference (EMBEC) and the Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics (NBC). IFMBE Proceedings: Vol. 65 (pp. 334-337). Singapore: Springer Singapore 10.1007/978-981-10-5122-7_84

Kredel, Ralf; Weber, Damian; Meier, Reto; Jacomet, Marcel; Hossner, Ernst-Joachim (September 2016). Towards non-restrictive eye tracking and automated gaze analysis. In: 11th joint Conference on Motor Control & Learning, Biomechanics & Training HUMAN MOVEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY 28.-30. September 2016, Darmstadt Human Movement and Technology. Book of abstracts. dvs

Meier, Reto; Weber, Damian; Kredel, Ralf; Hossner, Ernst-Joachim; Jacomet, Marcel; Kluter, Theo (8 June 2015). Gazelle - Mobile Eye-tracking for Sports (Unpublished). In: Kick-off BFH Zentren. Kursaal Bern. 08.06.2015.

Haeberlin, A; Niederhauser, T; Marisa, Thanks; Tanner, Hildegard; Götte, Josef; Jacomet, Marcel; Fuhrer, Jürg; Vogel, Rolf (2011). The esophageal ECG as a novel technique for ambulant heart rhythm monitoring. Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology, 22(Suppl. 1), S162. Malden, Mass.: Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/j.1540-8167.2011.02154.x

Niederhauser, Thomas; Häberlin, Andreas; Vogel, R; Marisa, Thanks; Götte, Josef; Jacomet, Marcel (2011). Esophageal ECG: The challenge of electrode design. In: IEEE International Workshop on Medical Measurements and Applications 2011 (pp. 322-326). IEEE 10.1109/MeMeA.2011.5966698

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