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Reich, Johannes; Steiner, Philipp; Ballmer, Ariane; Emmenegger, Lea; Hostettler, Marco; Stäheli, Corinne; Naumov, Goce; Taneski, Bojan; Todoroska, Valentina; Schindler, Konrad; Hafner, Albert (2021). A novel Structure from Motion-based approach to underwater pile field documentation. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 39(103120), p. 103120. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jasrep.2021.103120

Hafner, Albert; Reich, Johannes; Ballmer, Ariane; Bolliger, Matthias; Antolín, Ferran; Charles, Mike; Emmenegger, Lea; Fandré, Josiane; Francuz, John; Gobet, Erika; Hostettler, Marco; Lotter, André F.; Maczkowski, Andrej; Morales-Molino, César; Naumov, Goce; Stäheli, Corinne; Szidat, Sönke; Taneski, Bojan; Todoroska, Valentina; Bogaard, Amy; ... (2021). First absolute chronologies of neolithic and bronze age settlements at Lake Ohrid based on dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 38, p. 103107. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jasrep.2021.103107

Brönnimann, David; Hostettler, Marco (May 2021). Ein Einzelknochen kommt selten allein. Histotaphonomische Analysen von zwei Menschenknochen aus Burgäschisee-Nord. In: AGUS-GPS Newsletter 2021/1. 2021.

Reich, Johannes; Hostettler, Marco; Ballmer, Ariane Thu; Hafner, Albert (29 April 2021). Neolithic and Bronze Age pile dwellings of Lake Ohrid. Underwater excavations at Ploča Mičov Grad (North Macedonia) (Unpublished). In: International workshop: Prehistoric Wetland Sites of Southern Europe. Archaeology, Chronology, Palaeoecology and Bioarchaeology.. Virtual edition. 29–30 April 2021.


Hafner, Albert; Rey, Fabian; Hostettler, Marco; Laabs, Julian; Bolliger, Matthias; Brombacher, Christoph; Francuz, John; Gobet, Erika; Häberle, Simone; Rentzel, Philippe; Schäfer, Marguerita; Schibler, Jörg; Wey, Othmar; Tinner, Willy (2020). Archaeological and palaeoecological investigations at Burgäschisee (Swiss Plateau): new interdisciplinary insights in Neolithic settlement, land use and vegetation dynamics. In: Hafner, Albert; Dolbunova, Ekaterina; Mazurkevich, Andrey; Pranckenaite, Elena; Hinz, Martin (eds.) Settling Waterscapes in Europe. The Archaeology of Neolithic and Bronze Age Pile-Dwellings. Open Series in Prehistoric Archaeology: Vol. 1 (pp. 173-204). Heidelberg: Propylaeum

Hostettler, Marco; Charnot, Marie; Stapfer, Regine; Emmenegger, Lea; Hafner, Albert (28 August 2020). Between East and West: Combined Analysis of Stylistic and Technological Aspects of Pottery at the Neolithic Site of Burgäschisee-Nord (Switzerland) (Unpublished). In: 26th EAA Virtual Annual Meeting. Virtual. 24.-30.08.2020.

Hostettler, Marco; Drummer, Clara; Emmenegger, Lea; Reich, Johannes; Stäheli, Corinne Silvia; Buhlke, Anja (26 August 2020). Image-Based 3D-Documentation: Next level of Data Storage in Digital Archaeology. In: EAA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting. Online. 24.-30.08.2020.

Hostettler, Marco; Buhlke, Anja; Drummer, Clara; Emmenegger, Lea; Reich, Johannes; Stäheli, Corinne (26 August 2020). Survey on the current use and application of 3D-technology for archaeological and cultural heritage purposes (Unpublished). In: EAA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting. online. 24.-30.08.2020.

Hostettler, Marco; Affolter, Jeanne (6 March 2020). Aspects spécifiques des habitats néolithiques autour du lac de Burgäschi (Unpublished). In: Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die Urgeschichtsforschung in der Schweiz (AGUS). Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Bern. 06.03.2020.

Hostettler, Marco; Hafner, Albert (2020). Problems of preservation at the Neolithic lakeside settlements at Lake Burgäschi, Switzerland. A case study of the effects of an artificial lowering of the lake level in 1943. Acta Geographica Lodziensia, 110, pp. 125-135. Łódzkie Towarzystwo Naukowe 10.26485/AGL/2020/110/8

Hostettler, Marco; Anja, Buhlke; Drummer, Clara; Emmenegger, Lea; Reich, Johannes; Stäheli, Corinne (2020). Bildbasierte 3D-Dokumentation. Wie wird sie genutzt? Eine Umfrage zum Einsatz von 3D Technologien in der Archäologie. Rundbrief Grabungstechnik(18), pp. 16-22. Verband für Grabungstechnik und Feldarchäologie e.V.


Naumov, Goce; Hafner, Albert; Taneski, Bojan; Ballmer, Ariane; Reich, Johannes; Hostettler, Marco; Bolliger, Matthias; Francuz, John; Maczkowski, Andrej; Boogard, Amy; Antolin, Ferran; Charles, Mike; Tinner, Willy; Morales del Molino, Cesar; Lotter, André (2019). Research in 2019 at the site of Ploča-Mićov Grad near Gradište (Lake Ohrid). Periodical for cultural Heritage - Monuments, Restoration, Museums, 12(17), pp. 11-46. CALAMUS Gandčo Hadžipanzov 26, 1000 Skopje, Northern Macedonia

Hostettler, Marco (28 October 2019). Die jungneolithischen Siedlungen von Burgäschisee-Nord (Unpublished). In: Forschungskolloquium zur Prähistorischen Archäologie. Bern. 28.10.2019.

Hostettler, Marco; Hafner, Albert (18 October 2019). Dehydration, bioturbation and a tree windthrow – the case study of the draining wetland site of Burgäschisee‐Nord (Switzerland) (Unpublished). In: The Formation of Archaeological layers in Stone Age Wetland sites: understanding complex site structures. The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg. 17.-18.10.2019.

Hostettler, Marco; Buhlke, Anja; Reich, Johannes; Stäheli, Corinne Silvia; Drummer, Clara (7 September 2019). The 3 Dimensions of Digitalized Archaeology. Data Management, Scientific benefit and Risks od Data Storage in Archaeological image-based 3D-Documentation (Unpublished). In: Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA). Bern. 04.09.-07.09.2019.

Wimmer, Johannes; Hostettler, Marco (1 March 2019). Vom Boden in die Cloud – Über das Erstellen von Keramikzeichnungen mittels 3D-Scan. (Unpublished). In: Kolloquium und Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die Urgeschichtsforschung in der Schweiz (AGUS). Bern. 01.03.2019.

Reich, Johannes; Emmenegger, Lea; Hostettler, Marco; Stäheli, Corinne Silvia; Naumov, Goce; Hafner, Albert (4 February 2019). A new Approach for Structure from Motion Underwater Pile-Field Documentation. In: Digital Archaeology. Quantitive approaches, spatial statistics and socioecological modelling. Bern. 04. – 06.02.2019. 10.5281/zenodo.2552068

Naumov, Goce; Hafner, Albert; Taneski, Bojan; Reich, Johannes Jakob; Hostettler, Marco; Todoroska, Valentina; Emmenegger, Lea; Stäheli, Corinne Silvia; Szidat, Sönke; Papadopoulou, Stella; Francuz, John; Bolliger, Matthias (2019). ИСТРАЖУВАЊЕ ВО 2018 ГОДИНА НА ЛОКАЛИТЕТОТ ПЛОЧА - МИЌОВ ГРАД ВО ОХРИДСКОТО ЕЗЕРО - Research in 2018 at Ploča-Mićov Grad site on the Lake Ohrid. ПАТРИМОНИУМ.МК, pp. 9-35.

Hafner, Albert; Reich, Johannes; Ballmer, Ariane Thu; Hostettler, Marco; Szidat, Sönke; Stäheli, Corinne Silvia; Emmenegger, Lea Meret; Francuz, John; Bolliger, Matthias; Maczkowski, Andrej (2019). EXPLO – Exploring the dynamics and causes of prehistoric land use change in the cradle of European farming (Unpublished). In: Forschungskolloquium zur Prähistorischen Archäologie. 13.05.2019.


Suter, Peter; Hostettler, Marco (1 June 2018). Pile dwelling sites on Lake Bienne around 2700 BC – Change versus Continuity (Unpublished). In: Peripheries of the Late Neolithic Corded Ware Phenomena: a key to understanding pan-European processes of societal change in the 3rd millennium BC?. Bern. 31.05-02.06.2018.

Emmenegger, Lea; Hostettler, Marco; Reich, Johannes; Stäheli, Corinne (2 May 2018). Diving into Research. A Talk about the NEENAWA Scientific Diving Course and a resulting new Project at Lake Ohrid. (Unpublished). In: Southeast European and Swiss Network in Wetland Archaeology. Bern. 02.05 - 04.05.2018.

Todoroska, Valentina; Naumov, Goce; Hafner, Albert; Taneski, Bojan; Meinberger, Martin; Emmenegger, Lea; Hostettler, Marko; Reich, Johannes; Dolbunova, Ekaterina; Krotov, Yan; Stäheli, Corinne; Tymoshenko, Mariia; Streng, Verena (2018). Excavation on the Ploča-Michovgrad site, Ohrid, 2017 Research. arheološk INFORMATOR - Academic Journal of Archaeology, 2, pp. 17-25. MENELAJ, Prilep


Hostettler, Marco (2017). Die Burg Oberrinach (LU). Eine im 14. Jahrhundert zerstörte Burg. Heimatkunde aus dem Seetal, 90, pp. 5-55. Verlag der Historischen Vereinigung Seetal


Hostettler, Marco (1 April 2016). Die Burg Oberrinach – Eine Auswertung der Ausgrabungen (Unpublished). In: SABA 16: 3rd International Archaeology Student Conference. Otto-Friedrich-Universität, Bamberg. 31.03-03.04.2016.

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