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Koskei, Michael; Kolowski, Joseph; Wittemyer, George; Lala, Frederick; Douglas-Hamilton, Iain; Okita-Ouma, Benson (2022). The role of environmental, structural and anthropogenic variables on underpass use by African savanna elephants (Loxodonta africana) in the Tsavo Conservation Area. Global Ecology and Conservation, 38, e02199. Elsevier 10.1016/j.gecco.2022.e02199

Davin, Edouard L.; Schwaab, Jonas; Meier, Ronny (2022). Biogeophysical climate impacts of forest management in Switzerland Commissioned by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), Bern, Switzerland

Hess, Cyrill; Levine, Jonathan M; Turcotte, Martin M; Hart, Simon P (2022). Phenotypic plasticity promotes species coexistence. Nature ecology & evolution, 6(9), pp. 1256-1261. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41559-022-01826-8

Kellner, Elke (22 August 2022). Polycentric climate governance – insights of a systematic literature review (Unpublished). In: European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Conference.

Martin, Dominic A; Raveloaritiana, Estelle (2022). Using land-use history and multiple baselines to determine bird responses to cocoa agroforestry. Conservation biology, 36(4), e13920. Wiley 10.1111/cobi.13920

Brown, Carolyn J M; Curry, R Allen; Gray, Michelle A; Lento, Jennifer; MacLatchy, Deborah L; Monk, Wendy A; Pavey, Scott A; St-Hilaire, André; Wegscheider, Bernhard; Munkittrick, Kelly R (2022). Considering Fish as Recipients of Ecosystem Services Provides a Framework to Formally Link Baseline, Development, and Post-operational Monitoring Programs and Improve Aquatic Impact Assessments for Large Scale Developments. Environmental management, 70(2), pp. 350-367. Springer 10.1007/s00267-022-01665-0

Mathez-Stiefel, Sarah-Lan (May 2022). The future is now : How can ethnobiology contribute to sustainability transformations? (Unpublished). In: International Congress of Ethnobiology and Annual Meeting of the Society for Economic Botany. Mona, Jamaica. 29 May-2 June 2022.

Meyfroidt, Patrick; de Bremond, Ariane; Ryan, Casey M.; Archer, Emma; Aspinall, Richard; Chhabra, Abha; Camara, Gilberto; Corbera, Esteve; DeFries, Ruth; Díaz, Sandra; Dong, Jinwei; Ellis, Erle C.; Erb, Karl-Heinz; Fisher, Janet A.; Garrett, Rachael D.; Golubiewski, Nancy E.; Grau, H. Ricardo; Grove, J. Morgan; Haberl, Helmut; Heinimann, Andreas; ... (2022). Ten facts about land systems for sustainability. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - PNAS, 119(7), e2109217118. National Academy of Sciences NAS 10.1073/pnas.2109217118

Hari, Chantal; Brugnara, Yuri; Rohr, Christian; Brönnimann, Stefan (2022). Meteorological Observations in Bern and Vicinity, 1777-1834. In: Brönnimann, S. (ed.) Swiss Early Instrumental Meteorological Series. Reihe G Grundlagenforschung: Vol. G96/19 (pp. 199-211). Bern: Geographica Bernensia 10.4480/GB2020.G96.19

Zarbá, Lucía; Piquer-Rodríguez, María; Boillat, Sébastien; Levers, Christian; Gasparri, Ignacio; Aide, T. Mitchell; Álvarez-Berríos, Nora L.; Anderson, Liana O.; Araoz, Ezequiel; Arima, Eugenio; Batistella, Mateus; Calderón-Loor, Marco; Echeverría, Cristian; Gonzalez-Roglich, Mariano; Jobbágy, Esteban G.; Mathez-Stiefel, Sarah-Lan; Ramirez-Reyes, Carlos; Pacheco, Andrea; Vallejos, María; Young, Kenneth R.; ... (2022). Mapping and characterizing social-ecological land systems of South America. Ecology and Society, 27(2) Resilience Alliance Publications 10.5751/ES-13066-270227

Llopis, Jorge C.; Diebold, Clara L.; Schneider, Flurina; Harimalala, Paul C.; Andriamihaja, O. Ravaka; Messerli, Peter; Zähringer, Julie G. (2022). Mixed impacts of protected areas and a cash crop boom on human well‐being in North‐Eastern Madagascar. People and nature British Ecological Society 10.1002/pan3.10377

Khan, Zarrar; Abraham, Edo; Aggarwal, Srijan; Ahmad Khan, Manal; Arguello, Ricardo; Babbar-Sebens, Meghna; Bereslawski, Julia Lacal; Bielicki, Jeffrey M.; Campana, Pietro Elia; Silva Carrazzone, Maria Eugenia; Castanier, Homero; Chang, Fi-John; Collins, Pamela; Conchado, Adela; Dagani, Koteswara Rao; Daher, Bassel; Dekker, Stefan C.; Delgado, Ricardo; Diuana, Fabio A.; Doelman, Jonathan; ... (2022). Emerging Themes and Future Directions of Multi-Sector Nexus Research and Implementation. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10 Frontiers Media 10.3389/fenvs.2022.918085

Fulgence, TR; Martin, DA; Randriamanantena, R; Botra, R; Befidimanana, E; Osen, K; Wurz, A; Kreft, H; Andrianarimisa, A; Ratsoavina, FM (2021). Differential responses of amphibians and reptiles to land-use change in the biodiversity hotspot of north-eastern Madagascar. Animal conservation, 25(4), pp. 492-507. Wiley 10.1111/acv.12760

Oberlack, Christoph; Giger, Markus; Anseeuw, Ward; Adelle, Camilla; Bourblanc, Magalie; Burnod, Perrine; Eckert, Sandra; Fitawek, Wegayehu; Fouilleux, Eve; Hendriks, Sheryl L.; Kiteme, Boniface; Masola, Livhuwani; Mawoko, Zaka Diana; Mercandalli, Sara; Reys, Aurélien; da Silva, Maya; van der Laan, Michael; Zaehringer, Julie G.; Messerli, Peter (2021). Why do large-scale agricultural investments induce different socio-economic, food security, and environmental impacts? Evidence from Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique. Ecology and Society, 26(4) Resilience Alliance Publications 10.5751/ES-12653-260418

Feurer, Melanie; Rueff, Henri; Celio, Enrico; Heinimann, Andreas; Blaser, Juergen; Htun, Aung Myin; Zaehringer, Julie Gwendolin (2021). Regional scale mapping of ecosystem services supply, demand, flow and mismatches in Southern Myanmar. Ecosystem services, 52, p. 101363. Elsevier 10.1016/j.ecoser.2021.101363

von Steiger, Tatjana; Messerli, Peter (July 2021). Protecting biodiversity requires transforming human-nature relations. Rural 21: the international journal for rural development, 55(2/2021), pp. 6-8. DLG

Burger, Moritz; Gubler, Moritz; Heinimann, Andreas; Brönnimann, Stefan (2021). Modelling the spatial pattern of heatwaves in the city of Bern using a land use regression approach. Urban climate, 38, p. 100885. Elsevier 10.1016/j.uclim.2021.100885

Nanhthavong, Vong; Oberlack, Christoph; Hett, Cornelia; Messerli, Peter; Epprecht, Michael (2021). Pathways to human well-being in the context of land acquisitions in Lao PDR. Global environmental change, 68, p. 102252. Elsevier 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2021.102252

Andriamihaja, O. Ravaka; Metz, Florence; Zaehringer, Julie G.; Fischer, Manuel; Messerli, Peter (2021). Identifying agents of change for sustainable land governance. Land use policy, 100, p. 104882. Elsevier Science 10.1016/j.landusepol.2020.104882

Schmid, Marc; Heinimann, Andreas; Zaehringer, Julie G. (2021). Patterns of land system change in a Southeast Asian biodiversity hotspot. Applied geography, 126, p. 102380. Elsevier 10.1016/j.apgeog.2020.102380

Moser, Stephanie; Bader, Christoph; Bieri, Sabin; Breu, Thomas; Bürgi, Elisabeth; Pham-Truffert, Myriam; Messerli, Peter (2021). Strategie Nachhaltige Entwicklung 2030. Vernehmlassungsantwort des Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), Universität Bern und der Wyss Academy for Nature, Universität Bern Bern, Schweiz: Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), Universität Bern

Llopis, Jorge C.; Chastonay, Jonas F.; Birrer, Franziska C.; Bär, Roger; Andriatsitohaina, R. Ntsiva N.; Messerli, Peter; Heinimann, Andreas; Zaehringer, Julie G. (2021). Year-to-year ecosystem services supply in conservation contexts in north-eastern Madagascar: Trade-offs between global demands and local needs. Ecosystem services, 48, p. 101249. Elsevier 10.1016/j.ecoser.2021.101249

Mertz, Ole; Bruun, Thilde Bech; Jepsen, Martin Rudbeck; Ryan, Casey M.; Zaehringer, Julie G.; Hinrup, Jeannette S.; Heinimann, Andreas (2021). Ecosystem Service Provision by Secondary Forests in Shifting Cultivation Areas Remains Poorly Understood. Human Ecology, 49(3), pp. 271-283. Springer Science+Business Media S.A. 10.1007/s10745-021-00236-x

Kiteme, Boniface; Breu, Thomas; Bastide, Joan; Eckert, Sandra; Fischer, Markus; González-Rojí, Santos J.; Hergarten, Christian; Hurni, Kaspar; Messmer, Martina; Raible, Christoph C.; Snethlage, Mark; Stocker, Thomas F.; Torre-Marin Rando, Amor; Wiesmann, Urs Martin (2021). Towards sustainable futures for nature and people. An appraisal report for the Mt. Kenya– Ewaso Ng’iro North landscape, Kenya (Wyss Academy Report 2). Bern: Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Bern

Breu, Thomas; Bieri, Sabin; Bouasavanh, Somephone; Eckert, Sandra; Ehrensperger, Albrecht; Epprecht, Michael; Eshoo, Paul; Fischer, Markus; González-Rojí, Santos J.; Hergarten, Christian; Hett, Cornelia; Hurni, Kaspar; Messmer, Martina; Nguyen, Anh-Thu; O'Kelly, Hannah; Phayvanh, Thong Eth; Phonvisay, Aloun; Raible, Christoph C.; Snethlage, Mark; Stocker, Thomas F.; ... (2021). Towards sustainable futures for nature and people. An appraisal report for Laos in the stewardship hub of Southeast Asia (Wyss Academy Report 3). Bern: Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Bern

Torre-Marin Rando, Amor; González-Rojí, Santos J.; Hurni, Kaspar; Mathez-Stiefel, Sarah-Lan; Messmer, Martina; Raible, Christoph C.; Snethlage, Mark; Stocker, Thomas F.; Fischer, Markus (2021). Towards sustainable futures for nature and people. An appraisal report for Madre de Dios, Peru (Wyss Academy Report 1). Bern: Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Bern

Torre-Marin Rando, Amor; Snethlage, Mark (2021). La gestión forestal de usos múltiples y una gobernanza participativa como alternativas a las actividades extractivas en Madre de Dios, Perú (Wyss Academy for Nature Briefing Paper 1). Bern: Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Bern

Alca Castillo, Jamil; Mathez-Stiefel, Sarah-Lan (2021). ¿Es posible conciliar la conservación de la naturaleza y el bienestar humano en la Amazonía peruana? Mecanismos para una mayor coherencia de políticas (Wyss Academy for Nature Briefing Paper 2). Bern, Switzerland: Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Bern

Rubio Chávez, Sofía; Velarde Valladares, Ernesto M.; Mathez-Stiefel, Sarah-Lan (2021). Castaña amazónica para el bosque y sus habitantes: Como la actividad castañera puede ser la herramienta para lograr el bienestar sostenible y justo para la región Madre de Dios en Perú (Wyss Academy for Nature Briefing Paper 3). Bern, Switzerland: Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Bern

Schwaab, Jonas; Meier, Ronny; Mussetti, Gianluca; Seneviratne, Sonia; Bürgi, Christine; Davin, Edouard L. (2021). The role of urban trees in reducing land surface temperatures in European cities. Nature Communications, 12(1), p. 6763. Springer Nature 10.1038/s41467-021-26768-w

Windisch, Michael G.; Davin, Edouard L.; Seneviratne, Sonia I. (2021). Prioritizing forestation based on biogeochemical and local biogeophysical impacts. Nature climate change, 11(10), pp. 867-871. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41558-021-01161-z

Mathez-Stiefel, Sarah-Lan; Egger, Michèle; Giger, Markus; Bieri, Sabin (November 2020). Stakeholder engagement for nature conservation: A conceptual design based on a comparative analysis of multi-stakeholder platforms (Unpublished). In: Swiss Geoscience Meeting. Online. 06-07 November 2020.

Mathez-Stiefel, Sarah-Lan; Mulanovich, Augusto J.; Jaquet, Stéphanie; Bieri, Sabin; Lojas, Juan; Breu, Thomas; Messerli, Peter (2020). Establishing a science-policy-society interface for biodiversity conservation and human well-being in the Amazon: the case of Madre de Dios, Peru. Ecosistemas, 29(1) Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre 10.7818/ECOS.1882

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