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Journal Article

Bastian, Mariella; Helberger, Natali; Makhortykh, Mykola (2021). Safeguarding the Journalistic DNA: Attitudes towards the Role of Professional Values in Algorithmic News Recommender Designs. Digital Journalism, 9(6), pp. 835-863. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/21670811.2021.1912622

Bastian, Mariella; Makhortykh, Mykola; Harambam, Jaron; van Drunen, Max (2020). Explanations of news personalisation across countries and media types. Internet policy review, 9(4), pp. 1-34. Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society 10.14763/2020.4.1504

Bastian, Mariella; Makhortykh, Mykola; Tom, Dobber (2019). News personalization for peace: how algorithmic recommendations can impact conflict coverage. International journal of conflict management, 30(3), pp. 309-328. Emerald Publishing Limited 10.1108/IJCMA-02-2019-0032

Christner, Clara; Urman, Aleksandra; Adam, Silke; Maier, Michaela (2021). Automated Tracking Approaches for Studying Online Media Use: A Critical Review and Recommendations. Communication methods and measures, 16(2), pp. 79-95. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/19312458.2021.1907841

Dengg, Bernhard (2017). Fachzeitschriften sind kein Auslaufmodell. Plädoyer - Magazin für Recht und Politik, 35(1), pp. 15-17. Konsumenteninfo

Dengg, Bernhard (2017). Juristische Informationsversorgung in der Schweiz - never change a running system! Recht Bibliothek Dokumentation. Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für juristisches Bibliotheks- und Dokumentationswesen, 46(2/3), pp. 85-95. AjBD

Dovbysh, Olga; Wijermars, Mariëlle; Makhortykh, Mykola (2022). How to Reach Nirvana: Yandex, News Personalisation, and the Future of Russian Journalistic Media. Digital Journalism, pp. 1-20. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/21670811.2021.2024080

Hacker, Andrea (2014). Building it together: collaboration in university-based open access book publishing. Insights, 27(s1), pp. 26-29. Ubiquity Press 10.1629/2048-7754.120

Hacker, Andrea; Corrao, Elizabeth (2017). Laying Tracks as the Train Approaches: Innovative Open Access Book Publishing at Heidelberg University from the Editors' Point of View. Journal of Scholarly Publishing, 48(2), pp. 76-89. University of Toronto Press 10.3138/jsp.48.2.76

Makhortykh, Mykola; Aguilar, Juan Manuel González (2020). Memory, politics and emotions: internet memes and protests in Venezuela and Ukraine. Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, 34(3), pp. 342-362. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/10304312.2020.1764782

Makhortykh, Mykola; Bastian, Mariella (2020). Personalizing the war: Perspectives for the adoption of news recommendation algorithms in the media coverage of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Media, war & conflict, 15(1), pp. 25-45. Sage 10.1177/1750635220906254

Makhortykh, Mykola; Urman, Aleksandra; Wijermars, Mariëlle (2022). A story of (non)compliance, bias, and conspiracies: How Google and Yandex represented Smart Voting during the 2021 parliamentary elections in Russia. Harvard Kennedy School misinformation review, 3(2), pp. 1-16. Harvard Kennedy School 10.37016/mr-2020-94

Makhortykh, Mykola; Wijermars, Mariëlle (2021). Can Filter Bubbles Protect Information Freedom? Discussions of Algorithmic News Recommenders in Eastern Europe. Digital Journalism, pp. 1-25. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/21670811.2021.1970601

Makhortykh, Mykola; de Vreese, Claes; Helberger, Natali; Harambam, Jaron; Bountouridis, Dimitrios (2020). We are what we click: Understanding time and content-based habits of online news readers. New media & society, 23(9), pp. 2773-2800. Sage 10.1177/1461444820933221

Maurer, Eva (2017). Russische Drucke und Druckereien in der Schweiz vor und nach 1917. Religion und Gesellschaft in Ost und West, 45(4-5), pp. 48-50. Institut G2W

Maurer, Eva (2017). Vom Schreiben, Setzen und Sammeln. Russische Drucke in der Schweiz in der Zeit der Revolutionen. Marginalien: Zeitschrift für Buchkunst und Bibliophilie, 2017/4(227), pp. 32-48. quartus-Verlag

Merten, Lisa; Metoui, Nadia; Makhortykh, Mykola; Trilling, Damian; Moeller, Judith (2022). News Won’t Find Me? Exploring Inequalities in Social Media News Use With Tracking Data. International journal of communication, 16, pp. 1127-1147. USC Annenberg

Urman, Aleksandra (2019). News Consumption of Russian Vkontakte Users: Polarization and News Avoidance. International journal of communication, 13, pp. 5158-5182. USC Annenberg

Urman, Aleksandra; Katz, Stefan (2020). What they do in the shadows: examining the far-right networks on Telegram. Information, communication & society, 25(7), pp. 904-923. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/1369118X.2020.1803946

Urman, Aleksandra; Makhortykh, Mykola; Ulloa, Roberto (2021). The Matter of Chance: Auditing Web Search Results Related to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Primary Elections Across Six Search Engines. Social science computer review, 40(5), pp. 1323-1339. Sage 10.1177/08944393211006863

Zarouali, Brahim; Makhortykh, Mykola; Bastian, Mariella; Araujo, Theo (2020). Overcoming polarization with chatbot news? Investigating the impact of news content containing opposing views on agreement and credibility. European journal of communication, 36(1), pp. 53-68. Sage 10.1177/0267323120940908

de León, Ernesto; Makhortykh, Mykola; Gil-Lopez, Teresa; Urman, Aleksandra; Adam, Silke (2022). News, Threats, and Trust: How COVID-19 News Shaped Political Trust, and How Threat Perceptions Conditioned This Relationship. The international journal of press/politics, p. 194016122210871. Sage 10.1177/19401612221087179

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Hacker, Andrea (23 May 2014). Moving past denial in open access publishing. University World News(0321)

Suter, Fermin (2015). Als Germanist unter Palmen. UniPress - Forschung und Wissenschaft an der Universität Bern(164), pp. 17-18. Abteilung Kommunikation, Universität Bern

Toggweiler, Michael (2012). „Gemeinsame Fragen wirken verbindend“. Erfahrungsbericht IASH Winterschool 2012. Mercator News(1), pp. 39-40. Stiftung Mercator Schweiz

Book Section

Hacker, Andrea (2017). 6a. Software für den Publikationsworkflow und den Peer-Review-Prozess. In: Söllner, Konstanze; Mittermaier, Bernhard (eds.) Praxishandbuch Open Access (pp. 283-289). Berlin: deGruyter 10.1515/9783110494068-033

Ingold, Marianne (2009). Schweizer Mediendatenbank. In: Umlauf, Konrad; Gradmann, Stefan (eds.) Lexikon der Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft. Stuttgart: Hiersemann

Ingold, Marianne (2009). St. Galler Zentrum für das Buch. In: Umlauf, Konrad; Gradmann, Stefan (eds.) Lexikon der Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft. Stuttgart: Hiersemann

Kluwick, Ursula Maria (2014). Talking About Climate Change: The Ecological Crisis and Narrative Form. In: Garrard, Greg (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Ecocriticism. Oxford Handbooks (pp. 502-516). Oxford: Oxford University Press 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199742929.013.029

Späth, Thomas (2010). In der Seele des Zenturio oder: Römische Geschichte als soap. In: Gehrke, Hans-Joachim; Sénécheau, Miriam (eds.) Geschichte, Archäologie, Öffentlichkeit. Für einen neuen Dialog zwischen Wissenschaft und Medien. Standpunkte aus Forschung und Praxis (pp. 123-150). Bielefeld: Transcript 10.14361/transcript.9783839416211.123


Nehrlich, Thomas (2021). Alexander von Humboldt: Berlin 1830–1835. Eine Publikationsbiographie. Bielefeld: Aisthesis 10.46479/tna00002

Conference or Workshop Item

Bastian, Mariella; Makhortykh, Mykola (26 June 2019). Customizing the past: Algorithmic news recommenders as agents of collective remembrance (Unpublished). In: MSA 2019, Third Annual Conference of Memory Studies Association. Madrid, Spain. 25.06.-28.06.2019.

Bastian, Mariella; Makhortykh, Mykola (9 September 2019). Algorithms as a peacekeeping force? Automated systems of news distribution and peace journalism (Unpublished). In: SciCar 2019. Dotrmund, Germany. September 9-11.

Bastian, Mariella; Makhortykh, Mykola; Dobber, Tom (8 July 2019). News personalization for peace: How algorithmic content distribution can impact conflict coverage (Unpublished). In: IAMCR 2019. Madrid, Spain. 07.07.-11.07.2019.

Dengg, Bernhard (3 November 2016). Juristische Informationsversorgung gestern, heute und morgen –never change a running system! Eine Schweizer Perspektive. (Unpublished). In: Herbsttagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für juristisches Bibliotheks- und Dokumentationswesen 2016. Köln. 03.11.2016.

Dovbysh, Olga; Makhortykh, Mykola; Wijermars, Mariëlle (27 May 2021). How to reach Nirvana: Yandex, news personalisation and the future of Russian journalistic media (Unpublished). In: 71st Annual ICA conference - "Engaging the Essential Work of Care: Communication, Connectedness, and Social Justice". Virtual. 27.05-31.05.2021.

Harambam, Jaron; Bountouridis, Dimitrios; Makhortykh, Mykola; Van Hoboken, Joris (2019). Designing for the better by taking users into account: a qualitative evaluation of user control mechanisms in (news) recommender systems. In: RecSys 2019. Proceedings of the 13th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (pp. 69-77). New York: ACM 10.1145/3298689.3347014

Khobzi, Hamid (8 July 2022). Enforced versus Voluntary Social Isolation and User’s Interaction with Online News. In: Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems. PACIS 2022 Proceedings.

Kuznetsova, Elizaveta; Makhortykh, Mykola; Urman, Aleksandra; Ulloa, Roberto (28 May 2022). Media Representations and Bias in Search Engines: Framing of the Russian COVID-19 Vaccine (Unpublished). In: 72nd Annual ICA Conference - "One world, one network?!". Paris, France. 26.05.-30.05.2022.

Kuznetsova, Elizaveta; Makhortykh, Mykola; Urman, Aleksandra; Ulloa, Roberto (2022). Why not just give it a shot? How the Russian COVID-19 vaccines are framed by web search engines (Unpublished). In: Computational Communication Research in Central and Eastern Europe. Helsinki. June 27-29 2022.

Lüthi, Christian (13 February 2018). Der Bärenspiegel – Berner Satire 1923-1948 (Unpublished). In: Universitätsbibliothek Bern, Reihe «Buch am Mittag». Bern. 13.02.2018.

Maier, Denis Christian (22 November 2019). Typesetting XML with ConTeXt (Unpublished). In: PKP 2019 Conference Barcelona. Barcelona. 20-22. November 2019.

Makhortykh, Mykola; Bastian, Mariella (21 February 2020). Algorithmic Personalization, Human Rights and Individual/Collective Digital Memory Legislation (Unpublished). In: Critical Thinking on Memory and Human Rights Second Annual Workshop. Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 20.02.-21.02.2020.

Makhortykh, Mykola; Harambam, Jaron; Bountouridis, Dimitrios; de Vreese, Claes; Helberger, Natali (18 July 2019). We are what we click: Understanding time- and content-based habits of online news readers (Unpublished). In: IC²S². Amsterdam. July 18-20.

Makhortykh, Mykola; Urman, Aleksandra; Christner, Clara; Gil-Lopez, Teresa (7 November 2019). Veritas ex machina: A critical review of automated approaches for detecting political disinformation online (Unpublished). In: Digikomm 2019: Automating Communication in the Networked Society: Contexts, Consequences, Critique. Berlin, Germany. 06.11.-08.11.2019.

Maurer, Eva (15 January 2019). Vom Sputnik-Schock zur Kubakrise - Sowjetische Technologie in den frühen Beständen der Osteuropabibliothek (Unpublished). In: Buch am Mittag. Universitätsbibliothek Bern. 15.1.2019.

Merten, Lisa; Metoui, Nadia; Makhortykh, Mykola; Trilling, Damian; Moeller, Judith (19 July 2019). News won’t find me? Exploring potential digital inequalities in social media news use (Unpublished). In: IC²S². Amsterdam. July 18-20.

Metoui, Nadia; Makhortykh, Mykola (24 June 2019). Protecting past and future choices: Identifying and evaluating functional vulnerabilities in recommender systems (Unpublished). In: Connected Life 2019: Data & Disorder. Oxford & London, UK. 24.06.-25.06.2019.

Neubert, Frank (November 2014). Connecting and Educating Hindus: Hinduism Today and the Mediatization of a Global Hinduism (Unpublished). In: Religious Press and Print Culture. Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz. 19.-22.11.2014.

Rohr, Christian (20 February 2019). „Der weisse Tod hielt Ernte in den Alpen“. Zum Umgang und zur medialen Inszenierung von extremen Lawinenereignissen im 20. Jahrhundert (Unpublished). In: Vortrag am Schweizerischen Alpinen Museum (Begleitveranstaltung zur Ausstellung "Der Umgang mit der Lawinengefahr"). Bern. 20.02.2019.

Sullivan, Emily; Bountouridis, Dimitrios; Harambam, Jaron; Najafian, Shabnam; Loecherbach, Felicia; Makhortykh, Mykola; Kelen, Domokos; Wilkinson, Daricia; Graus, David; Tintarev, Nava (9 June 2019). Reading news with a purpose: Explaining user profiles for self-actualization. Adjunct Publication of the 27th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization, UMAP 2019, Larnaca, Cyprus, June 09-12, 2019, pp. 241-245. New York, US: ACM 10.1145/3314183.3323456

Urman, Aleksandra (4 September 2019). Transnationalisation patterns in media consumption of populist radical right parties’ Twitter followers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (Unpublished). In: EuroCSS 2019. Zürich. 02.09.-04.09.2019.

Urman, Aleksandra (25 May 2019). It’s All About Context: Political Polarization on Twitter and Electoral Systems (Unpublished). In: The 69th Annual International Communication Association Conference (ICA19) - "Communication Beyond Boundaries". Washington, DC, USA. 24.05.-28.05.2019.

Urman, Aleksandra; Makhortykh, Mykola (26 September 2019). Webs of Deception: Detecting and Measuring the Diffusion of Online Disinformation During the Elections in Ukraine (Unpublished). In: Digital Societies 2019. Konstanz, Germany. 25-27 September.

Urman, Aleksandra; Makhortykh, Mykola (3 September 2019). Trolls, bots and everyone else: Online disinformation campaigns and 2019 presidential elections in Ukraine (Unpublished). In: EuroCSS 2019. Zurich, Switzerland. September 2-4.

Urman, Aleksandra; Makhortykh, Mykola (25 October 2019). Trolls, Bots and Everyone Else: Online Disinformation Campaigns and 2019 Presidential Elections in Ukraine (Unpublished). In: 19th Annual Aleksanteri Conference: Technology, Culture and Society in the Eurasian Space. Helsinki, Finland. 23.10.-25.10.2019.

Urman, Aleksandra; Makhortykh, Mykola (25 May 2019). East is East, and West is West. Ideological Segregation and Online News Communities in Ukraine (Unpublished). In: The 69th Annual International Communication Association Conference (ICA19) - "Communication Beyond Boundaries". Washington, DC, USA. 24.05.-28.05.2019.

de León Williams, Ernesto Emiliano; Makhortykh, Mykola; Adam, Silke (2022). A Portrait of Alternative COVID-19 News Users – Who They Are, What They Read and How They Access It (Unpublished). In: ECPR General Conference. Innsbruck. 22-26 August 2022.

de León, Ernesto; Makhortykh, Mykola; Gil-Lopez, Teresa; Adam, Silke (27 May 2021). Rally `Round what Flag? The Role of Media Consumption during the COVID-19 Pandemic for the Development of Political Trust in Switzerland (Unpublished). In: 71st Annual ICA conference - "Engaging the Essential Work of Care: Communication, Connectedness, and Social Justice". Virtual. 27.05-31.05.2021.

de León, Ernesto; Makhortykh, Mykola; Urman, Aleksandra (27 May 2021). Where did you come from, where did you go? Pathways to news in Germany and Switzerland (Unpublished). In: 71st Annual ICA conference - "Engaging the Essential Work of Care: Communication, Connectedness, and Social Justice". Virtual. 27.05-31.05.2021.


Wu, Shihao (2018). Geometric Structure Extraction and Reconstruction (Unpublished). (Dissertation, Philosophisch-naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Universität Bern)

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