Swiss National Science Foundation

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is the most important Swiss agency promoting scientific research. As mandated by the Swiss Federal government, it supports all disciplines from philosophy and biology to the nanosciences and medicine.

Projects [12] In vivo relevance of the PY and PDZ-domain binding motifs of the cardiac sodium channel Nav1.5 Official URL
[102] Pathogenesis of disorders caused by human P450 oxidoreductase mutations Official URL
[103] Pharmacogenomics of human P450 oxidoreductase Official URL
[149] Islands in an ocean of (poly)synthesis and concatenative morphology. What linguistic theory and typology can learn from selected Amerindian languages Official URL
[150] Mapudungun and Blackfoot: Inverse morphology and three-participant clauses Official URL
[160] Die Fassung *m im Kontext der Fassungen von Wolframs ›Parzival‹. Eine Ausgabe in synoptischer Form (D-A-CH) Official URL
[161] Properties of metal-organic materials from accurate electron density determination Official URL
[168] Properties of organometallic molecular materials from accurate electron density distribution
[213] Das ‹Evangelium der Natur›: Der griechische Physiologus und die Wurzeln der frühchristlichen Naturdeutung Official URL
[410] Prospect of Biomass Energy in East Africa
[433] Landless Pastoralists Research Project
[440] Increasing the Effectiveness of Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development
[467] OAPEN-CH Official URL
[470] Xenosophia und Xenophobia in and between Abrahamic Religions. Social, Personal and Religious Causes of Xenosophic and Xenophobic Patterns in Inter-Religious Relations Official URL
[471] Säkulare in der Schweiz: Ein mixed methods Projekt Official URL
[473] Interreligiöse, insbesondere christlich-muslimische, Paarbeziehungen in der Schweiz. Welche Faktoren tragen zu ihrem Gelingen oder Scheiten bei? Official URL
[491] Africa where are you? Official URL
[508] Inclusion of cortex and fabric in QCT-based patient-specific finite element analysis of the proximal femur
[540] “Fictions of Fluctuation: Water in the Victorian Age”
[570] Vergesellschaftung des Islam oder Islamisierung der Gesellschaft – Der Islam als Kontext normativer Ordnung in der islamischen Öffentlichkeit von al-Manār, 1898-1939
[577] SNF project 153377 to Andrea Endimiani
[724] Fictions of Fluctuation: Water in the Victorian Age Official URL
[725] Fictions of Fluctuation: Water in the Victorian Age Official URL
[755] Building the Exotic? Integration, Exhibition, and Imitation of Non-Western Material Culture in Europe (1600-1800)
[841] Enviromental and educational intervention in communal catering to lower salt intake in the Swiss working population Official URL
[937] The Global Production and Circulation of Knowledge of Punishment and Social Control: An Entangled History of Techniques of Confinement and Criminal Identification, c. 1830 – 1930 Official URL
[994] Lost in Transit? Fragmented Journeys of Young Migrants with no Chance of Admission in Europe
[1124] Whole Genome and Plasmid Sequencing for MDR Enterobacteriaceae Simultaneously Isolated from Multiple Human and Non-Human Settings: Deciphering Impact, Risks, and Dynamics for Resistance Transmission and Spread
[1160] Perceptual decision-making on emotions
[1183] OnLINE: Optimize motor Learning to Improve NEurorehabilitation
[1257] Mapping and Modeling of Deep Brain Stimulation
[1295] New metrics for constraining multiple drivers of hazard and compound hazards Official URL
[1368] Political Ontologies of Music: Rethinking the Relationship between Music and Politics in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries Official URL
[1501] Multidrug-Resistant Enterobacterales Colonizing Swiss Embassy Employees and Relatives Worldwide: Molecular Features, Metagenomics, and Transmission to the Householders at Return Official URL
[1607] Familiennamenatlas der Deutschschweiz. Mit Ausblicken auf die romanischen Sprachgebiete der Schweiz Official URL

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