Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer

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Schneider, C. L.; Hertenstein, E.; Fehér, K.; Moggi, F.; Berger, T.; Nissen, Christoph (2022). Become your own SLEEPexpert: design, development and evaluation of a pragmatic behavioral treatment program for insomnia in inpatient psychiatric care. Sleep medicine, 100(S1), p. 214. Elsevier 10.1016/j.sleep.2022.05.576

Schneider, Carlotta Louisa; Hertenstein, Elisabeth; Flückiger, Rahel; Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer; Moggi, Franz; Berger, Thomas; Nissen, Christoph (October 2022). Become your own sleepexpert: development and evaluation of a web application to support a pragmatic behavioral treatment program for insomnia in inpatient psychiatric care. Journal of sleep research, 31(S1), pp. 211-212. Wiley


Wunderlin, Marina; Zeller, Céline Jacqueline; Senti, Samira Rafaela; Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer; Suppiger, Debora; Wyss, Patric; Koenig, Thomas; Teunissen, Charlotte Elisabeth; Nissen, Christoph; Klöppel, Stefan; Züst, Marc Alain (2023). Acoustic stimulation during sleep predicts long-lasting increases in memory performance and beneficial amyloid response in older adults. Age and ageing, 52(12) Oxford University Press 10.1093/ageing/afad228

Krone, Lukas B.; Fehér, D. Kristoffer; Rivero, Tania; Omlin, Ximena (2023). Brain stimulation techniques as novel treatment options for insomnia: A systematic review. Journal of sleep research, 32(6), e13927. Wiley 10.1111/jsr.13927

Züst, Marc Alain; Mikutta, Christian; Omlin, Ximena Tamara; DeStefani, Tatjana; Wunderlin, Marina; Zeller, Céline Jacqueline; Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer; Hertenstein, Elisabeth; Schneider, Carlotta L; Teunissen, Charlotte Elisabeth; Tarokh, Leila; Klöppel, Stefan; Feige, Bernd; Riemann, Dieter; Nissen, Christoph (2023). The hierarchy of coupled sleep oscillations reverses with aging in humans. The Journal of neuroscience, 43(36), pp. 6268-6279. Society for Neuroscience 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0586-23.2023

Fehér, Kristoffer D; Omlin, Ximena; Tarokh, Leila; Schneider, Carlotta L; Morishima, Yosuke; Züst, Marc A; Wunderlin, Marina; König, Thomas; Hertenstein, Elisabeth; Ellenberger, Benjamin; Ruch, Simon; Schmidig, Flavio; Mikutta, Christian; Trinca, Ersilia; Senn, Walter; Feige, Bernd; Klöppel, Stefan; Nissen, Christoph (2023). Feasibility, efficacy, and functional relevance of automated auditory closed-loop suppression of slow-wave sleep in humans. Journal of sleep research, 32(4), e13846. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/jsr.13846

Traut, Janine; Mengual, Jose Prius; Meijer, Elise J; McKillop, Laura E; Alfonsa, Hannah; Hoerder-Suabedissen, Anna; Song, Seo Ho; Fehér, Kristoffer D; Riemann, Dieter; Molnar, Zoltan; Akerman, Colin J; Vyazovskiy, Vladyslav V; Krone, Lukas (2023). Effects of clozapine-N-oxide and compound 21 on sleep in laboratory mice. eLife, 12 eLife Sciences Publications 10.7554/eLife.84740

Fehér, Kristoffer D.; Nakataki, Masahito; Morishima, Yosuke (2022). Phase-Synchronized Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation-Induced Neural Oscillations Modulate Cortico-Cortical Signaling Efficacy. Brain connectivity, 12(5), pp. 443-453. Mary Ann Liebert 10.1089/brain.2021.0006

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Hertenstein, Elisabeth; Trinca, Ersilia; Wunderlin, Marina; Schneider, Carlotta L; Züst, Marc A; Fehér, Kristoffer D; Su, Tanja; Straten, Annemieke V; Berger, Thomas; Baglioni, Chiara; Johann, Anna; Spiegelhalder, Kai; Riemann, Dieter; Feige, Bernd; Nissen, Christoph (2022). Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia in patients with mental disorders and comorbid insomnia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Sleep medicine reviews, 62, p. 101597. Elsevier 10.1016/j.smrv.2022.101597

Habich, Annegret; Fehér, Kristoffer D.; Harty, Siobhán; Vanderhasselt, Marie-Anne; Brem, Anna-Katharine (2021). Modulating Cognition in Healthy Young Adults with tDCS. In: Brunoni, André R.; Nitsche, Michael A.; Loo, Colleen K. (eds.) Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Neuropsychiatric Disorders (pp. 329-411). Cham: Springer 10.1007/978-3-030-76136-3_17

Fehér, Kristoffer D.; Wunderlin, Marina; Maier, Jonathan G.; Hertenstein, Elisabeth; Schneider, Carlotta L.; Mikutta, Christian; Züst, Marc A.; Klöppel, Stefan; Nissen, Christoph (2021). Shaping the slow waves of sleep: A systematic and integrative review of sleep slow wave modulation in humans using non-invasive brain stimulation. Sleep medicine reviews, 58, p. 101438. Elsevier 10.1016/j.smrv.2021.101438

Wunderlin, Marina; Züst, Marc A.; Hertenstein, Elisabeth; Fehér, Kristoffer D.; Schneider, Carlotta L.; Klöppel, Stefan; Nissen, Christoph (2021). Modulating overnight memory consolidation by acoustic stimulation during slow wave sleep – a systematic review and meta-analysis. Sleep, 44(7) Oxford University Press 10.1093/sleep/zsaa296

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Ruch, Simon; Fehér, Kristoffer; Homan, Stephanie; Morishima, Yosuke; Mueller, Sarah Maria; Mueller, Stefanie Verena; Dierks, Thomas; Grieder, Matthias (2021). Bi-Temporal Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation during Slow-Wave Sleep Boosts Slow-Wave Density but Not Memory Consolidation. Brain Sciences, 11(4), pp. 1-21. MDPI 10.3390/brainsci11040410

Wunderlin, Marina; Züst, Marc Alain; Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer; Klöppel, Stefan; Nissen, Christoph (2020). The role of slow wave sleep in the development of dementia and its potential for preventative interventions. Psychiatry research: Neuroimaging, 306, p. 111178. Elsevier 10.1016/j.pscychresns.2020.111178

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Habich, Annegret; Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer; Antonenko, Daria; Boraxbekk, Carl-Johan; Flöel, Agnes; Nissen, Christoph; Siebner, Hartwig Roman; Thielscher, Axel; Klöppel, Stefan (2020). Stimulating aged brains with transcranial direct current stimulation: Opportunities and challenges. Psychiatry research: Neuroimaging, 306, p. 111179. Elsevier 10.1016/j.pscychresns.2020.111179

Schneider, Carlotta Louisa; Hertenstein, Elisabeth; Fehér, Kristoffer; Maier, Jonathan Gabriel; Cantisani, Andrea; Moggi, Franz; Berger, Thomas; Nissen, Christoph (2020). Become your own SLEEPexpert: design, implementation and preliminary evaluation of a pragmatic behavioral treatment program for insomnia in inpatient psychiatric care. Sleep Advances, 1(1) Oxford Academic 10.1093/sleepadvances/zpaa005

Stålesen Ramfjord, Lisa; Hertenstein, Elisabeth; Fehér, Kristoffer; Mikutta, Christian; Schneider, Carlotta Louisa; Nissen, Christoph; Maier, Jonathan Gabriel (2020). Local sleep and wakefulness — the concept and its potential for the understanding and treatment of insomnia disorder. Somnologie - Schlafforschung und Schlafmedizin, 24(2), pp. 116-120. Springer 10.1007/s11818-020-00245-w

Fehér, Kristoffer Daniel; Nakataki, Masahito; Morishima, Yosuke (2017). Phase-dependent modulation of signal transmission in cortical networks through tACS-Induced neural oscillations. Frontiers in human neuroscience, 11(471), p. 471. Frontiers Research Foundation 10.3389/fnhum.2017.00471

Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer; Morishima, Yosuke (2016). Concurrent electroencephalography recording during transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS). Journal of visualized experiments, 107(107), e53527. MYJoVE Corporation 10.3791/53527

Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer; Morishima, Yosuke (24 January 2015). Entrained oscillatory activity modulates long-range neuronal transmission efficacy (Unpublished). In: Annual Meeting of Swiss Society for Neuroscience.

Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer; Morishima, Yosuke (17 November 2014). Phase dependency of long-range neuronal transmission in entrained neuronal networks: a combined tACS-TMS-EEG study (Unpublished). In: Annual meeting of Society for Neuroscience 2014.

Morishima, Yosuke; Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer (17 November 2014). A method for removing transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) artifacts from EEG data (Unpublished). In: Annual meeting of Society for Neuroscience 2014.

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