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Journal Article

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis; Paredes, Hilda (2020). On Music and Political Concerns: An Interview with Hilda Paredes. Revista Vórtex, 8(2), pp. 1-22. Universidade Estadual do Paraná 10.33871/23179937.2020.8.2.16

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis; Manoury, Philippe (2020). ‘It is important artists react to the world in which we all live’: An interview with Philippe Manoury on Lab.Oratorium. Tempo : a quarterly review of modern music, 74(293), pp. 6-13. Cambridge Univ. Press 10.1017/s0040298220000224

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (2020). Introduction. Son, musique et violence. Transposition(Hors-série 2), pp. 1-11. Centre de Recherches sur les Arts et le Langage 10.4000/transposition.5067

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis; Atlani-Duault, Laëtitia (2020). Sounds of survival, weaponization of sounds: Exploring sonic lieux de mémoire. Violence : an international journal, 1(2), pp. 265-272. Sage 10.1177/2633002420976479

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (2020). De la musique à la lutte armée, de 1968 à Action directe : entretien avec Jean-Marc Rouillan. Transposition(Hors-série 2) Centre de Recherches sur les Arts et le Langage 10.4000/transposition.3709

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (2020). Introduction. Sound, Music and Violence. Transposition(Hors-série 2) Centre de Recherches sur les Arts et le Langage 10.4000/transposition.5160

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (2020). From Music to Armed Struggle, from 1968 to Action Directe: An Interview with Jean-Marc Rouillan. Transposition(Hors-série 2) Centre de Recherches sur les Arts et le Langage 10.4000/transposition.3780

Fryberger, Annelies; Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (2019). Spanish Composers within and without Borders: On National Belonging in the Work of Ramon Lazkano and Carlos de Castellarnau. Contemporary music review, 38(1-2), pp. 164-179. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/07494467.2019.1578127

Raband, Ivo (2018). Otto and Gijsbert van Veen’s Portrait Engraving of Archduke Ernest of Austria: Negotiating the "Ownership" of a Joyous Entry in the Spanish Netherlands (Submitted). Emblematica: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Emblem Studies AMS Press

Acker, Antoine; Capellini, Nathalia (2017). Tales of the Transamazonian: hopes and disillusion on a route of ecological migrations. Interdisciplinary studies in literature and environment, 24(2), pp. 306-324. Oxford University Press 10.1093/isle/isx012

Ammann, Carole (2017). Explaining the Absence of War in an African Country. A Socialist Peace? By Mike McGovern (2017). Africa Today, 64(2), pp. 113-114. 10.2979/africatoday.64.2.09

Hallama, Peter (2017). Lanicek, Jan: Czechs, Slovaks and the Jews, 1938-1948. Beyond Idealisation and Condemnation, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. East European Jewish affairs, 47(1), pp. 110-113. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

Acker, Antoine; Kaltmeier, Olaf; Tittor, Anne (2016). The social production of nature between coloniality and capitalism (introduction). FIAR - Forum for Inter-American Research, 9(2), pp. 5-24. American Studies section of the English Department at Bielefeld University

Hallama, Peter (2016). K dejinam obeti­ Vi­ta Strobacha. Soudobe dejiny, 23(3), pp. 422-426. Akademie Ved Ceske Republiky

Hallama, Peter (2016). "Vergangenheitsbewältigung" po cesku. Holokaust v ceskem samizdatu. Soudobe dejiny, 23(3), pp. 371-390. Akademie Ved Ceske Republiky

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (2011). La Liga de Escritores y Artistas Revolucionarios (L.E.A.R.) : l'antifascisme communiste au Mexique. Aden, N�10(1), p. 184. Groupe interdisciplinaire d'études nizaniennes 10.3917/aden.010.0184

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Raband, Ivo; Raband, Ivo (2018). Review of Katie Heyning, Turbulente tijden: Zorg en materiële cultuur in Zierikzee in de zestiende eeuw (Hilversum: Uitgeverij Verloren 2017) (In Press). Renaissance Quarterly

Acker, Antoine (2015). Amazon. InterAmerican Wiki: Terms - Concepts - Critical Perspectives Bielefeld: Universität Bielefeld

Book Section

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (2021). Jihadi Anashid, Islamic State Warfare and the Agency of Sound. In: Siegel, Dina; Bovenkerk, Frank (eds.) Crime and Music (pp. 233-243). Cham: Springer 10.1007/978-3-030-49878-8_12

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis; Atlani-Duault, Laëtitia (2021). Lieux de mémoire sonore. In: Velasco-Pufleau, Luis; Atlani-Duault, Laëtitia (eds.) Lieux de mémoire sonore : Des sons pour survivre, des sons pour tuer (pp. 7-17). Paris: Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (2020). Sampling Sounds of War. In: Liechti, Hannes; Burkhalter, Thomas; Rhensius, Philipp (eds.) Sampling Politics Today. Norient Sound Series: Vol. 1. Bern: Norient

Förster, Till; Ammann, Carole (2018). African Cities and the Development Conundrum: Actors and Agency in the Urban Grey Zone. In: African Cities and the Development Conundrum 10 (pp. 3-25). Brill 10.1163/9789004387942_002

Koller, Ariane (2018). Die letzte Feier der Monarchia Universalis. Abdankung, Tod und Begräbnis Kaiser Karls V. In: Giese, Francine; Pawlak, Anna; Thome, Markus (eds.) Tomb, Memory, Space. Concepts of Representation in Premodern Christian and Islamic Art (pp. 307-324). De Gruyter 10.1515/9783110517347-018

Henny, Sundar (2018). Archiving the Archive: Scribal and Material Culture in 17th-Century Zurich. In: Peters, Kate; Walsham, Alexandra; Corens, Liesbeth (eds.) Archives and Information in the Early Modern World. Proceedings of the British Academy: Vol. 212 (pp. 209-236). Oxford: Oxford University Press

Koller, Ariane; Pawlak, Anna (2017). Stahl – Farbe – Photographie. Die medialen Inszenierungen der „Mühlberg-Rüstung“ Kaiser Karls V. und die Materialität der Macht. In: Cremer, Annette Caroline; Mulsow, Martin (eds.) Objekte als Quellen der historischen Kulturwissenschaften (pp. 93-112). Böhlau

Kaspar, Magda (2017). Feminismus und Kunst. In: Flückiger, Gabriel; Krethlow, Michael; Tobler, Konrad (eds.) Bern70 (pp. 93-108). Bern: Edition Atelier

Kaspar, Magda (2017). Introductory Remarks to Part V: Thinking about Impact and Change: Concepts and Research Strategies. In: Schulz, Kristina (ed.) The Women’s Liberation Movement: Impact and Outcomes (pp. 279-283). New/York, Oxford: Berghahn Books

Lindt, Angela (2016). ‘Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden’: Gold Refining in Switzerland. In: Niederberger, Thomas; Haller, Tobias; Gambon, Helen; Kobi, Madlen; Wenk, Irina (eds.) The open cut: Mining, transnational corporations and local populations. Action Anthropology/Aktionsethnologie: Vol. 2 (pp. 103-116). Zürich: LIT Verlag


Velasco-Pufleau, Luis; Atlani-Duault, Laëtitia (eds.) (2021). Lieux de mémoire sonore : Des sons pour survivre, des sons pour tuer. Paris: Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme 10.4000/books.editionsmsh.28800

Moser, Kata; Gösken, Urs; Hayes, Josh Michael (eds.) (2019). Heidegger in the Islamicate World. New Heidegger Research. London, New York: Rowman & Littlefield International

Wa Baile, Mohamed; Dankwa, Serena Owusua; Naguib, Tarek; Purtschert, Patricia; Schilliger, Sarah; Dankwa, Serena Owusua (eds.) (2019). Racial Profiling: Struktureller Rassismus und antirassistischer Widerstand. Postcolonial Studies: Vol. 31. Bielefeld: transcript 10.14361/9783839441459

Ammann, Carole; Förster, Till (eds.) (2018). African cities and the development conundrum. International development policy: Vol. 10. Brill

Cottier, Maurice (2017). Fatale Gewalt. Ehre, Subjekt und Kriminalität am Übergang zur Moderne. Das Beispiel Bern 1868-1941. Konflikte und Kultur - historische Perspektiven: Vol. 31. Konstanz ; München: UVK

Toggweiler, Michael (2017). Die Odyssee der Pygmäen. Eine andere Geschichte der neuzeitlichen Anthropologie. Bern: Philisophisch-historische Fakultät, Universität Bern

Ballmer, Ariane Thu (2015). Topografie bronzezeitlicher Deponierungen. Fallstudie Alpenrheintal. Universitätsforschungen zur Prähistorischen Archäologie: Vol. 278. Bonn: Dr. Rudolf Habelt Verlag

Conference or Workshop Item

Siegl, Veronika (6 February 2020). The fragile truths of commercial surrogacy (Unpublished). In: Residents' Presentations. Brocher Foundation, Hermance. 06.02.2020.

Siegl, Veronika (26 November 2019). Imaginaries of freedom and coercion. An ethnography of surrogacy in Ukraine (Unpublished). In: Colloquium of the Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies. University of Zürich. 26.11.2019.

Siegl, Veronika (16 November 2019). Zehn Monate. Leihmutterschaft in Russland (Unpublished). In: Frauenkörper und ihre Geschichten: der andere Blick. Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Psychosomatik in der Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe. Medizinische Universität Wien. 15. - 16.11.19.

Siegl, Veronika (12 November 2019). Negotiating un/born life (Unpublished). In: Brown Bag Lunch. Walter Benjamin Kolleg, Universität Bern. 12.11.2019.

Siegl, Veronika (30 September 2019). Free to choose? The fragile truths of commercial surrogacy (Unpublished). In: Conference of the German Anthropological Association. University of Konstanz. 29.09. - 02.10.2019.

Siegl, Veronika (28 March 2019). Agencies as “buffers”? How infertility agencies shape the discourses and practices of surrogacy in Russia and Ukraine (Unpublished). In: 14th Global Labour University Conference. Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin. 27. - 29.03.2019.

Raband, Ivo (March 2018). Collecting, Displaying, Using: The Inventory of Archduke Ernest of Austria, Brussels, 17 July 1595 (Unpublished). In: 63rd Annual Conference of the Renaissance Society of America. New Orleans, USA. 22.–24. März 2018.

Kaspar, Magda (1 February 2018). Identität, Erinnerung, Gedenken: Schweizer Auswanderung nach Brasilien (Unpublished). In: Grenzüberschreitungen: Migrantinnen und Migranten als Akteure im 20. Jahrhundert. Universität Bern, Schweiz. 01.-02. Feb. 2018.

Raband, Ivo (February 2018). Fliegen und Schweben in der Skulptur der Vormoderne (Unpublished). In: 3. Tag der Junior Fellows im Walter Benjamin Kolleg. Universität Bern, Schweiz. 27. Feb. 2018.

Ammann, Carole (October 2017). Silent Politics. Women’s Political Articulations in a Guinean City (Unpublished). In: Public Colloquium, Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bern. Bern. 10/2017.

Hallama, Peter (September 2017). New Women - Traditional Men? Historicizing Masculinities in State-Socialist Eastern Europe (Unpublished). In: "Aktuelle Herausforderungen der Geschlechterforschung", Erste gemeinsame internationale Konferenz der D-A-CH Fachgesellschaften für Geschlechterforschung/-studien. Köln. 28.-30.9.2017.

Ammann, Carole (August 2017). Rhetoric of Ethnicity and Appeasement During Election Times in Kankan, Guinea (Unpublished). In: 10th International Mande Studies Conference. Grand-Bassam (Elfenbeinküste). 08/2017.

Koller, Ariane (20 July 2017). Eiserne Körper. Rüstungen als Medien höfischer Repräsentation in der Frühen Neuzeit (Unpublished). In: Bodensee-Gespräche über Kunst.

Hallama, Peter (June 2017). Socialist Fathers. Changing Representations of Men at Home in Communist Czechoslovakia (Unpublished). In: International Conference: Gender - Power - Eastern Europe. Changing Concepts of Femininities and Masculinities and Power Relations. FU Berlin. 21.-23.6.2017.

Kaspar, Magda (June 2017). Kulturelle Identität und erfundene Traditionen unter den Bedingungen von Migration: Schweizer Auswanderung nach Brasilien 1888-1979 (Unpublished). In: Kolloquium für Zeitgeschichte der Universität Bielefeld.

Kaspar, Magda (June 2017). Women’s Liberation 2.0: An interactive website on the feminist movement in Switzerland (Unpublished). In: Translating Feminism: Transfer, Transgression, Transformation (ca. 1960 - 1990).

Kaspar, Magda (9 December 2016). Theorien der Migrationsgeschichte anhand der Schweizer Auswanderung nach Brasilien (Unpublished). In: Forschungsworkshop: Migration: (Inter - )Disziplinäre Perspektiven. Universität Bern, Schweiz. 09. Dez. 2016.

Hallama, Peter (9 June 2016). La fin du patriarcat? La paternité socialiste entre utopies révolutionnaires et quotidien familial (Unpublished). In: Workshop (journée d'étude) "Maternités, paternités. Représentations, Pratiques, Nouvelles Perspectives". Université Paris Diderot / Paris 7. 09. Jun. 2016.

Koller, Ariane (26 April 2016). Stoffe der Trauer – Stoffe der Macht: Objekte der Repräsentation in der höfischen Funeralkultur der Frühen Neuzeit (Unpublished). In: Eröffnungsveranstaltung Walter Benjamin Kolleg. Bern, Schweiz. 26. Apr. 2016.

Koller, Ariane (26 February 2016). Des Kaisers letzte Feier. Herrschertod und Repräsentation in der Frühen Neuzeit (Unpublished). In: Tag der Junior Fellows. Bern, Schweiz. 26. Feb. 2016.

Acker, Antoine (February 2016). Building a self-sufficient Brazil. Nation and natural resources in the 20th century (Unpublished). In: Junior Fellows Day of the Walter Benjamin Kolleg. Bern, Schweiz. Feb. 2016.

Ballmer, Ariane (2016). Prähistorische Rituale in der "Natur" (Unpublished). In: Eröffnung des Walter Benjamin Kollegs. Bern. 26.04.2016.

Ballmer, Ariane (2016). Space Invaders. Die Aneignung der "Natur" in prähistorischer Zeit (Unpublished). In: Tag der Junior Fellows. Walter Benjamin Kolleg. Interdisziplinäres Forschungs- und Nachwuchsnetzwerk. Bern. 26.02.2016.

Kaspar, Magda (4 July 2014). Relationships between the Women's Liberation Movement and Feminist Art in Switzerland (Unpublished). In: Situating Women’s Liberation; Historicizing a Movement. University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth UK. 04. Juli 2014.

Journal or Series

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (2020). Transposition, (Hors-série 2). 10.4000/transposition.3213

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis; Atlani-Duault, Laëtitia (2020). Violence: An International Journal, 1(2). Sage

Acker, Antoine; Kaltmeier, Olaf; Tittor, Anne (eds.) (2016). Negotiating Nature in the Americas: Imaginaries and Interventions between Preservation and Exploitation. Special issue of the Forum for InterAmerican Research, 9(2). Forum for Inter-American Research


Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (16 March 2020). Love, music and coronavirus. In: Music, Sound and Conflict. Online: Music, Sound and Conflict

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (15 March 2020). Amour, musique et coronavirus. In: Music, Sound and Conflict. Online: Music, Sound and Conflict

Velasco-Pufleau, Luis (2020). Sampler la guerre : The End of Silence. In: Music, Sound and Conflict.

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