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Schäuble, Michaela; Dreschke, Anja Susanne (July 2022). Arachnoid Webs: on creating a research-based multimodal website. (Unpublished). In: EASA22: Transformation, Hope and the Commons. School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics at Queen’s University Belfast. 26-29 July, 2022.

Schäuble, Michaela; Dreschke, Anja Susanne (29 May 2022). Moving Images / Shifting Voices - (Re-)Negotiating Authorship and Essayistic Montage in Ethnographic Cinema (Unpublished). In: Collaboration and Authorial Diversity in Film. German International Ethnographic Film Festival (GIEFF), Panel: Working in Different Ways. Paulinerkirche, Göttingen. 28-30 May 2022.

Schäuble, Michaela; Dreschke, Anja Susanne; AG Visuelle Anthropologie, DGSKA (5 May 2022). (Re-)Searching – Layering – Transmitting. Setting up a Camera Ethnography in Southern Italy (Unpublished). In: Werkstattgespräch: (Re-)Searching – Layering – Transmitting. Setting up a Camera Ethnography in Southern Italy. 5.5.2022.

Gasser, Sonja (2022). Rodighiero, Dario: Mapping Affinities. Democratizing Data Visualizations. Genève 2021. ISBN 9782940563999. https://www.metispresses.ch/en/mapping-affinities. H-Soz-Kult (Internetpublikation) Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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Schäuble, Michaela (4 April 2022). Interfering in the “Field”? When you Co-create what you Study in Ethnographic and Art-based research (Unpublished). In: Laboratory of Arts-based Research. Re-appropriating and Re-presenting Documentaries and (Mediated) Memories. Austrian Academy of Sciences, Wien/Vienna. April 4-6, 2022.

Barber, James Henry (22 March 2022). "United Ghettos of America": The Aesthetics of Intercultural Exchange and Bricolage in New York City and the Case of the Jamaican Influence on Hip-Hop (1987-1995) (Submitted). In: Heidelberg Centre for American Studies Spring Academy 2021. Online. March 22–26 2021.

Sudan, Raphaël (4 March 2022). Free Improvisation in the academy: A comparative study between the Conservatoire National de Paris and the Musik Akademie Basel (Unpublished). In: SINTA TAG FS 2022. Unitobler, Universität Bern. 04.03.2022.

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Schäuble, Michaela; Amberg, Annette (2022). Führung durch die Ausstellung "Vídeo nas Aldeias: An Audiovisual Movement by and Among Indigenous Peoples in Brazil". [Performance or Exhibition]. In: Finissage der Ausstellung von Vídeo nas Aldeias mit Führung und Kinoabend.

Büschges, Christian (2022). Colonial Christianity. Migration, Ethnicity, and Religion in Early Modern New Spain (In Press). In: Migration and Diaspora as Issues of a Global History of Christianity. Berlin: DeGruyter

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Barber, James (2022). Shinehead’s “Jamaican in New York”: Cultural Circularity and Reggae’s Eventual Resonance in Hip-Hop, from the Bronx to Brooklyn and Beyond (Submitted). In: From the Bowery to the Bronx - A Cultural History of New York Through Song. Bristol, UK: Intellect

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Sudan, Raphaël (17 December 2021). Free improvisation : nod to the future, crystallization of the present or reminiscence of the past ? (Unpublished). In: Musicking Collective. Bern - HKB. 16-18.12.2021.

Egli, Florian; Pearce, BinBin; Velasco Pufleau, Luis (8 December 2021). So schaffen wir eine echte Brücke zwischen Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft. In: Dialog. Online: Scitec-Media GmbH

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Sudan, Raphaël (13 November 2021). Techniques pianistiques étendues : Dans les entrailles de l'instrument (Unpublished). In: Conférence d'automne EPTA.. Conservatoire de Montreux-Vevey-Riviera. 13.11.2021.

Scheide, Carmen (5 November 2021). Ein süddeutscher Ort in der NS-Zeit. Eine Rohfassung zur Mikrogeschichte des ländlichen Raumes. Konzeptuelle und methodische Fragen. (Unpublished)

Mausfeld, Dianne Violeta (30 October 2021). “Double the Struggle” Latino/Chicano Hip-Hop and the East Coast-West Coast Dialectic (Unpublished). In: Transcultural Hip-Hop. Constructing and Contesting Identity, Space, and Place in the Americas and beyond. Universität Bern/Virtuell. 28.-30. Oktober 2021.

Barber, James Henry (30 October 2021). The Historical Circularity of Jamaican and African+/American Cultural Practice: Re-Framing the Jamaican Influence on Hip-Hop in New York (Submitted). In: Hip-Hop Transcultural: Constructing and Contesting Identity, Space, and Place in the Americas and Beyond. Online. October 28th-30th 2021.

Gasser, Sonja (27 October 2021). Ein Get-together für das kulturelle Erbe im Netz. uniaktuell – Das Online-Magazin der Universität Bern Universität Bern

Rota, Andrea (8 October 2021). La formation des cadres religieux musulmans en Suisse (Unpublished). In: International Conference La formation des cadres religieux musulmans en France et en Europe. Paris, EPHE – Institut d'étude des religions et de la laïcité. 08.10.2021.

Rota, Andrea (28 September 2021). Regionale Glaubenstransparenz. Eine religionswissenschaftliche Einordnung. (Unpublished). In: Interkulturelle Woche: Was glaubt Krefeld?. Evangelischer Kirchenkreis, Krefeld. 28.09.2021.

Rota, Andrea (23 September 2021). Religion, Medien und öffentliche Gesundheit. Historische und gegenwärtige Formen der Impfskepsis (Unpublished). In: Einzelvortrag auf Einladung. University of Zurich. 23.09.2021.

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Rota, Andrea (2 September 2021). Acid Utopias and Sober Self-Empowerment. Visions of Society and the Self in the American Counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s (Unpublished). In: 18th annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR). Pisa. 30.08. - 03.09.21.

Rota, Andrea (1 September 2021). Analytical Clarity and Normative Fuzziness. A Response.” Panel Religion and Public Schools: International Perspectives (Unpublished). In: 18th Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR). Pisa. 30.08 - 03.09.21.

Schilliger, Sarah (2021). Alle von hier. Die heutige Migrationsgesellschaft – vom «Wir und die Anderen» zum «Neuen Wir» [Audio]. In: Podcast. Eidgenössische Migrationskommission EKM

Britain, David; Hedegard, Hannah Joy Black; Leemann, Adrian Martin; Steiner, Carina Laura; Jeszenzsky, Peter (23 August 2021). Earwitness evidence accuracy revisited: estimating speaker age, height, weight, geographical origin, political affiliation, and education (Unpublished). In: International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (IAFPA) 2021. University of Marburg, Germany. 22. - 25. August 2021.

Schäuble, Michaela; Dreschke, Anja (22 July 2021). Essay Films as Multimodal Ethnographic Practice. (Unpublished). In: Workshop “Anthropology beyond text? Experiments, devices and platforms of multimodal ethnographic practice. Workshop Stadtlabor for Multimodal Anthropology, IfEE, HU Berlin. 22-23 July 2021.

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Mausfeld, Dianne Violeta; Mausfeld, Dianne Violeta (28 May 2021). “We’re Hip-Hop’s Minority!“ Transcultural Collaboration and the Chicano Struggle for Recognition in Los Angeles Hip-Hop (Unpublished). In: 29th Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. Virtual Event. 26.-29.5.2021.

Schäuble, Michaela (14 May 2021). Rintracciare il tarantismo: gestic thinking and the filmic, site-specific exploration of a multifaceted phenomenon (Unpublished). In: Aprire le porte della memoria. Una giornata di studi su Ernesto de Martino. Uni Roma 3 (online). 14 May 2021.

Schäuble, Michaela (26 April 2021). The conserveability of performance: A conversation about reenactment and artistic/ritualistic performance with Prof. Michaela Schäuble (Unpublished). In: Performance: Conservation, Materiality Knowledge. HKB. 26. April 2021.

Schäuble, Michaela; Belloni, Jacopo (20 April 2021). Artists talk: Jacopo Belloni in conversation with Michaela Schäuble. (Unpublished). In: CASTRO, Artists talk. online. 20.4.2021.

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Mausfeld, Dianne Violeta (22 February 2021). A Matter of Style Appropriation. In: Commentary. Online: Norient

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