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Brodwolf, Flurina L.; Hartmann, Matthias; Mast, Fred W. (8 September 2023). Eye movements during mental imagery: A closer look at the spatial reference frame (Unpublished). In: 18th Clinical Neuroscience Bern Annual Meeting. Bern, Switzerland. 08.09.2023.

Hartmann, Matthias; Müller, Petra (2023). Acceptance and Adherence to COVID-19 Preventive Measures are Shaped Predominantly by Conspiracy Beliefs, Mistrust in Science and Fear – A Comparison of More than 20 Psychological Variables. Psychological reports, 126(4), pp. 1742-1783. Sage 10.1177/00332941211073656

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Klaus, Manuel Patrick; Schöne, Corina; Maalouli-Hartmann, Matthias; Mast, Fred W. (May 2019). Roll tilt self-motion direction discrimination: First evidence for perceptual learning (Unpublished). In: Vestibular Oriented Research Meeting. Dayton, USA. 19.-22. Mai 2019.

Stocker, Kurt; Hasler, Gregor; Hartmann, Matthias (2019). The Altered-State-of-Consciousness Aspect of a Feeling of Lightness Is Reported to Be Associated with Antidepressant Benefits by Depressed Individuals Receiving Ketamine Infusions: A Systematic Analysis of Internet Video Testimonials. Psychotherapy and psychosomatics, 88(3), pp. 182-183. Karger 10.1159/000497441

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