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Maurhofer, Jens; Kueffer, Thomas; Knecht, Sven; Madaffari, Antonio; Badertscher, Patrick; Seiler, Jens; Krisai, Philipp; Jufer, Corinne; Asatryan, Babken; Heg, Dik; Servatius, Helge; Tanner, Hildegard; Kühne, Michael; Roten, Laurent; Sticherling, Christian; Reichlin, Tobias (2023). Comparison of the PolarX and the Arctic Front cryoballoon for pulmonary vein isolation in patients with symptomatic paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (COMPARE CRYO) - Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Contemporary clinical trials, 134, p. 107341. Elsevier 10.1016/j.cct.2023.107341

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Maurhofer, Jens; Asatryan, Babken; Häberlin, Andreas David Heinrich; Noti, Fabian; Roten, Laurent; Seiler, Jens; Baldinger, Samuel H; Franzeck, Florian; Lam, Anna; Kueffer, Thomas; Reichlin, Tobias; Tanner, Hildegard; Servatius, Helge (2023). Acute and Long-term Outcomes of quadripolar IS-4 versus bipolar IS-1 Left Ventricular Leads in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: A Retrospective Registry Study. Pacing and clinical electrophysiology, 46(5), pp. 365-375. Wiley 10.1111/pace.14686

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Wafa, Syed Emir Irfan; Chahal, C Anwar A; Sawatari, Hiroyuki; Khanji, Mohammed Y; Khan, Hassan; Asatryan, Babken; Ahmed, Raheel; Deshpande, Saurabh; Providencia, Rui; Deshmukh, Abhishek; Owens, Anjali Tiku; Somers, Virend K; Padmanabhan, Deepak; Connolly, Heidi (2022). Frequency of Arrhythmias and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome in Patients With Marfan Syndrome: A Nationwide Inpatient Study. Journal of the American Heart Association, 11(17), e024939. American Heart Association 10.1161/JAHA.121.024939

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Siripanthong, Bhurint; Asatryan, Babken; Hanff, Thomas C; Chatha, Salman R; Khanji, Mohammed Y; Ricci, Fabrizio; Muser, Daniele; Ferrari, Victor A; Nazarian, Saman; Santangeli, Pasquale; Deo, Rajat; Cooper, Leslie T; Mohiddin, Saidi A; Chahal, C Anwar A (2022). The Pathogenesis and Long-Term Consequences of COVID-19 Cardiac Injury: State-of-the-Art Review. JACC. Basic to translational science, 7(3), pp. 294-308. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jacbts.2021.10.011

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