Enzmann, Gaby

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Derada Troletti, Claudio; Enzmann, Gaby; Chiurchiù, Valerio; Kamermans, Alwin; Tietz, Silvia Martina; Norris, Paul C; Haghayegh Jahromi, Neda; Leuti, Alessandro; van der Pol, Susanne M A; Schouten, Marijn; Serhan, Charles N; de Vries, Helga E; Engelhardt, Britta; Kooij, Gijs (2021). Pro-resolving lipid mediator lipoxin A4 attenuates neuro-inflammation by modulating T cell responses and modifies the spinal cord lipidome. Cell reports, 35(9), p. 109201. Cell Press 10.1016/j.celrep.2021.109201

Imeri, Faik; Stepanovska Tanturovska, Bisera; Zivkovic, Aleksandra; Enzmann, Gaby; Schwalm, Stephanie; Pfeilschifter, Josef; Homann, Thomas; Kleuser, Burkhard; Engelhardt, Britta; Stark, Holger; Huwiler, Andrea (2021). Novel compounds with dual S1P receptor agonist and histamine H3 receptor antagonist activities act protective in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis. Neuropharmacology, 186, p. 108464. Elsevier 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2021.108464

Ayer, Maxime; Schuster, Markus; Gruber, Isabelle; Blatti, Claudia; Kaba, Elisa; Enzmann, Gaby; Burri, Olivier; Guiet, Romain; Seitz, Arne; Engelhardt, Britta; Klok, Harm-Anton (2021). T Cell-Mediated Transport of Polymer Nanoparticles across the Blood-Brain Barrier. Advanced healthcare materials, 10(2), e2001375. Wiley 10.1002/adhm.202001375


Stepanovska, Bisera; Zivkovic, Aleksandra; Enzmann, Gaby; Tietz, Silvia; Homann, Thomas; Kleuser, Burkhard; Engelhardt, Britta; Stark, Holger; Huwiler, Andrea (2020). Morpholino Analogues of Fingolimod as Novel and Selective S1P1 Ligands with In Vivo Efficacy in a Mouse Model of Experimental Antigen-Induced Encephalomyelitis. International journal of molecular sciences, 21(18), pp. 1-17. MDPI 10.3390/ijms21186463

Bruggisser, Julia; Tarek, Basma; Wyder, Marianne; Müller, Philipp; von Ballmoos, Christoph; Witz, Guillaume; Enzmann, Gaby; Deutsch, Urban; Engelhardt, Britta; Posthaus, Horst (2020). CD31 (PECAM-1) Serves as the Endothelial Cell-Specific Receptor of Clostridium perfringens β-Toxin. Cell host & microbe, 28(1), pp. 69-78. Cell Press 10.1016/j.chom.2020.05.003


Castro Dias, Mariana; Coisne, Caroline; Baden, Pascale; Enzmann, Gaby; Garrett, Lillian; Becker, Lore; Hölter, Sabine M; Hrabě de Angelis, Martin; Deutsch, Urban; Engelhardt, Britta (2019). Claudin-12 is not required for blood-brain barrier tight junction function. Fluids and barriers of the CNS, 16(1), p. 30. BioMed Central 10.1186/s12987-019-0150-9

Castro Dias, Mariana; Coisne, Caroline; Lazarevic, Ivana; Baden, Pascale; Hata, Masaki; Iwamoto, Noriko; Ferreira Francisco, David Miguel; Vanlandewijck, Michael; He, Liqun; Baier, Felix A.; Stroka, Deborah; Bruggmann, Rémy; Lyck, Ruth; Enzmann, Gaby; Deutsch, Urban; Betsholtz, Christer; Furuse, Mikio; Tsukita, Shoichiro; Engelhardt, Britta (2019). Publisher Correction: Claudin-3-deficient C57BL/6J mice display intact brain barriers. Scientific reports, 9(1), p. 10702. Springer Nature 10.1038/s41598-019-43511-0

Enzmann, Gaby; Adelfio, Roberto; Godel, Aurélie; Haghayegh Jahromi, Neda; Tietz, Silvia; Burgener, Sabrina S.; Deutsch, Urban; Wekerle, Hartmut; Benarafa, Charaf; Engelhardt, Britta (2019). The Genetic Background of Mice Influences the Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Onset and Severity of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis. International journal of molecular sciences, 20(6) Molecular Diversity Preservation International MDPI 10.3390/ijms20061433

Mota Castro Dias, Mariana; Coisne, Caroline Marie; Lazarevic, Ivana; Baden, Pascale; Hata, Masaki; Iwamoto, Noriko; Francisco, David Miguel Ferreira; Vanlandewijck, Michael; He, Liqun; Baier, Felix Alexander; Keogh-Stroka, Deborah M.; Bruggmann, Rémy; Lyck, Ruth; Enzmann, Gaby; Deutsch, Urban; Betsholtz, Christer; Furuse, Mikio; Tsukita, Shoichiro; Engelhardt, Britta (2019). Claudin-3-deficient C57BL/6J mice display intact brain barriers. Scientific Reports, 9(1), p. 203. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41598-018-36731-3


Enzmann, Gaby; Pavlidou, Sofia; Vaas, Markus; Klohs, Jan; Engelhardt, Britta (2018). ICAM-1 C57BL/6 Mice Are Not Protected from Experimental Ischemic Stroke. Translational stroke research, 9(6), pp. 608-621. Springer 10.1007/s12975-018-0612-4

Tietz, Silvia; Périnat, Therese; Greene, Gretchen Thompson; Enzmann, Gaby; Deutsch, Urban; Adams, Ralf; Imhof, Beat; Aurrand-Lions, Michel; Engelhardt, Britta (2018). Lack of junctional adhesion molecule (JAM)-B ameliorates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Brain, behavior, and immunity, 73, pp. 3-20. Elsevier 10.1016/j.bbi.2018.06.014

García-Martín, Ana B; Zwicky, Pascale; Gruber, Thomas; Matti, Christoph; Moalli, Federica; Stein, Jens Volker; Francisco, David; Enzmann, Gaby; Levesque, Mitchell P; Hewer, Ekkehard; Lyck, Ruth (2018). VLA-4 mediated adhesion of melanoma cells on the blood-brain barrier is the critical cue for melanoma cell intercalation and barrier disruption. Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism, 39(10), pp. 1995-2010. Sage 10.1177/0271678X18775887

Enzmann, Gaby; Kargaran, Soghra; Engelhardt, Britta (2018). Ischemia-reperfusion injury in stroke: impact of the brain barriers and brain immune privilege on neutrophil function. Therapeutic advances in neurological disorders, 11, p. 1756286418794184. Sage 10.1177/1756286418794184


Llovera, Gemma; Benakis, Corinne; Enzmann, Gaby; Cai, Ruiyao; Arzberger, Thomas; Ghasemigharagoz, Alireza; Mao, Xiang; Malik, Rainer; Lazarevic, Ivana; Liebscher, Sabine; Ertürk, Ali; Meissner, Lilja; Vivien, Denis; Haffner, Christof; Plesnila, Nikolaus; Montaner, Joan; Engelhardt, Britta; Liesz, Arthur (2017). The choroid plexus is a key cerebral invasion route for T cells after stroke. Acta neuropathologica, 134(6), pp. 851-868. Springer 10.1007/s00401-017-1758-y

Vaas, Markus; Enzmann, Gaby; Périnat, Therese; Siler, Ulrich; Reichenbach, Janine; Licha, Kai; Kipar, Anja; Rudin, Markus; Engelhardt, Britta; Klohs, Jan (2017). Non-invasive near-infrared fluorescence imaging of the neutrophil response in a mouse model of transient cerebral ischaemia. Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism, 37(8), pp. 2833-2847. Nature Publishing Group 10.1177/0271678X16676825

Lyck, Ruth; Lécuyer, Marc-André; Abadier, Michael Magdy Labib; Wyss, Christof B.; Matti, Christoph; Rosito, Maria; Enzmann, Gaby; Zeis, Thomas; Michel, Laure; García Martín, Ana B; Sallusto, Federica; Gosselet, Fabien; Deutsch, Urban; Weiner, Joshua A.; Schaeren-Wiemers, Nicole; Prat, Alexandres; Engelhardt, Britta (2017). ALCAM (CD166) is involved in extravasation of monocytes rather than T cells across the blood–brain barrier. Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism, 37(8), pp. 2894-2909. Nature Publishing Group 10.1177/0271678X16678639

Haghayegh Jahromi, Neda; Tardent, Heidi; Enzmann, Gaby; Deutsch, Urban; Kawakami, Naoto; Bittner, Stefan; Vestweber, Dietmar; Zipp, Frauke; Stein, Jens Volker; Engelhardt, Britta (2017). A Novel Cervical Spinal Cord Window Preparation Allows for Two-Photon Imaging of T-Cell Interactions with the Cervical Spinal Cord Microvasculature during Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis. Frontiers in immunology, 8, p. 406. 10.3389/fimmu.2017.00406


Tietz, Silvia; Zwahlen, Marcel; Haghayegh Jahromi, Neda; Baden, Pascale; Lazarevic, Ivana; Enzmann, Gaby; Engelhardt, Britta (2016). Refined clinical scoring in comparative EAE studies does not enhance the chance to observe statistically significant differences. European journal of immunology, 46(10), pp. 2481-2483. Wiley-VCH 10.1002/eji.201546272

Feretti, MT; Merlini, M; Späni, C; Gericke, C; Schweizer, N; Enzmann, Gaby; Engelhardt, Britta; Kulic, L; Suter, T; Nitsch, RM (2016). T-cell brain infiltration and immature antigen-presenting cells in transgenic models of Alzheimer’s disease-like cerebral amyloidosis. Brain, behavior, and immunity, 54, pp. 211-225. Elsevier 10.1016/j.bbi.2016.02.009

Lopes Pinheiro, Melissa A; Kooij, Gijs; Mizee, Mark R; Kamermans, Alwin; Enzmann, Gaby; Lyck, Ruth; Schwaninger, Markus; Engelhardt, Britta; de Vries, Helga E (2016). Immune cell trafficking across the barriers of the central nervous system in multiple sclerosis and stroke. Biochimica et biophysica acta - molecular basis of disease, 1862(3), pp. 461-471. Elsevier 10.1016/j.bbadis.2015.10.018


Lyck, Ruth; Enzmann, Gaby (2015). The physiological roles of ICAM-1 and ICAM-2 in neutrophil migration into tissues. Current opinion in hematology, 22(1), pp. 53-59. Wolters Kluwer Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1097/MOH.0000000000000103


Steiner, Esther; Enzmann, Gaby; Lyck, Ruth; Lin, Shuo; Rüegg, Markus A; Kröger, Stephan; Engelhardt, Britta (2014). The heparan sulfate proteoglycan agrin contributes to barrier properties of mouse brain endothelial cells by stabilizing adherens junctions. Cell and tissue research, 358(2), pp. 465-479. Springer 10.1007/s00441-014-1969-7

Imeri, Faik; Fallegger, Daniel; Zivkovic, Aleksandra; Schwalm, Stephanie; Enzmann, Gaby; Blankenbach, Kira; Meyer zu Heringdorf, Dagmar; Homann, Thomas; Kleuser, Burkhard; Pfeilschifter, Josef; Engelhardt, Britta; Stark, Holger; Huwiler, Andrea (2014). Novel oxazolo-oxazole derivatives of FTY720 reduce endothelial cell permeability, immune cell chemotaxis and symptoms of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice. Neuropharmacology, 85, pp. 314-327. Elsevier 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2014.05.012

Sathiyanadan, Karthik; Coisne, Caroline Marie; Enzmann, Gaby; Deutsch, Urban; Engelhardt, Britta (2014). PSGL-1 and E/P-selectins are essential for T-cell rolling in inflamed CNS microvessels but dispensable for initiation of EAE. European journal of immunology, 44(8), pp. 2287-2294. Wiley-VCH 10.1002/eji.201344214


Enzmann, Gaby; Mysiorek, Caroline; Gorina, Roser; Cheng, Yu-Jung; Ghavampour, Sharang; Hannocks, Melanie-Jane; Prinz, Vincent; Dirnagl, Ulrich; Endres, Matthias; Prinz, Marco; Beschorner, Rudi; Harter, Patrick N.; Mittelbronn, Michel; Engelhardt, Britta; Sorokin, Lydia (2013). The neurovascular unit as a selective barrier to polymorphonuclear granulocyte (PMN) infiltration into the brain after ischemic injury. Acta neuropathologica, 125(3), pp. 395-412. Berlin: Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00401-012-1076-3


Wyss, Lena; Schäfer, Julia; Liebner, Stefan; Mittelbronn, Michel; Deutsch, Urban; Enzmann, Gaby; Adams, Ralf H.; Aurrand-Lions, Michel; Plate, Karl H.; Imhof, Beat A.; Engelhardt, Britta (2012). Junctional adhesion molecule (JAM)-C deficient C57BL/6 mice develop a severe hydrocephalus. PLoS ONE, 7(9), e45619. Lawrence, Kans.: Public Library of Science 10.1371/journal.pone.0045619

Steiner, Esther; Enzmann, Gaby U; Lin, Shuo; Ghavampour, Sharang; Hannocks, Melanie-Jane; Zuber, Benoît; Rüegg, Markus A; Sorokin, Lydia; Engelhardt, Britta (2012). Loss of astrocyte polarization upon transient focal brain ischemia as a possible mechanism to counteract early edema formation. GLIA, 60(11), pp. 1646-59. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley-Blackwell 10.1002/glia.22383


Jain, Pooja; Coisne, Caroline; Enzmann, Gaby; Rottapel, Robert; Engelhardt, Britta (2010). Alpha4beta1 integrin mediates the recruitment of immature dendritic cells across the blood-brain barrier during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Journal of immunology, 184(12), pp. 7196-206. Bethesda, Md.: American Association of Immunologists 10.4049/jimmunol.0901404

Kirschner, Daniel A; Avila, Robin L; Gamez Sazo, Rodolfo E; Luoma, Adrienne; Enzmann, Gaby U; Agrawal, Deepika; Inouye, Hideyo; Bunge, Mary Bartlett; Kocsis, Jeffery; Peters, Alan; Whittemore, Scott R (2010). Rapid assessment of internodal myelin integrity in central nervous system tissue. Journal of neuroscience research, 88(4), pp. 712-21. New York, N.Y.: Wiley-Liss 10.1002/jnr.22241


Beare, Jason E; Morehouse, Johnny R; DeVries, William H; Enzmann, Gaby U; Burke, Darlene A; Magnuson, David S K; Whittemore, Scott R (2009). Gait analysis in normal and spinal contused mice using the TreadScan system. Journal of neurotrauma, 26(11), pp. 2045-56. New York, N.Y.: M.A. Liebert 10.1089/neu.2009.0914

Magnuson, David S K; Smith, Rebecca R; Brown, Edward H; Enzmann, Gaby; Angeli, Claudia; Quesada, Peter M; Burke, Darlene (2009). Swimming as a model of task-specific locomotor retraining after spinal cord injury in the rat. Neurorehabilitation and neural repair, 23(6), pp. 535-45. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications 10.1177/1545968308331147

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