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Blacksell, Stuart D.; Dhawan, Sandhya; Kusumoto, Marina; Le, Kim Khanh; Summermatter, Kathrin; O'Keefe, Joseph; Kozlovac, Joseph; Almuhairi, Salama Suhail; Sendow, Indrawati; Scheel, Christina M.; Ahumibe, Anthony; Masuku, Zibusiso M.; Bennett, Allan M.; Kojima, Kazunobu; Harper, David R.; Hamilton, Keith (2023). The Biosafety Research Road Map: The Search for Evidence to Support Practices in the Laboratory—Zoonotic Avian Influenza and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Applied biosafety, 28(3), pp. 135-151. Mary Ann Liebert 10.1089/apb.2022.0038

Aldeia, Claudia; Campos-Madueno, Edgar I; Sendi, Parham; Endimiani, Andrea (2023). Complete Genome Sequence of the First Colistin-Resistant Raoultella electrica Strain. Microbiology resource announcements, 12(5), e0004723. American Society for Microbiology 10.1128/mra.00047-23

Campos-Madueno, Edgar I; Moradi, Melika; Eddoubaji, Yasmine; Shahi, Fatemeh; Moradi, Sina; Bernasconi, Odette J; Moser, Aline I; Endimiani, Andrea (2023). Intestinal colonization with multidrug-resistant Enterobacterales: screening, epidemiology, clinical impact, and strategies to decolonize carriers. European journal of clinical microbiology & infectious diseases, 42(3), pp. 229-254. Springer 10.1007/s10096-023-04548-2

Moser, Aline I; Eddoubaji, Yasmine; Campos-Madueno, Edgar I; Endimiani, Andrea (2023). Complete Genome Sequence of Entomomonas sp. Strain E2T0, Isolated from the Darkling Beetle Zophobas morio Larvae. Microbiology resource announcements, 12(1), e0117622. American Society for Microbiology 10.1128/mra.01176-22


Campos-Madueno, Edgar I.; Moser, Aline I.; Jost, Géraldine; Maffioli, Carola; Bodmer, Thomas; Perreten, Vincent; Endimiani, Andrea (2022). Carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae strains in Switzerland: Human and non-human settings may share high-risk clones. Journal of global antimicrobial resistance, 28, pp. 206-215. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jgar.2022.01.016


Dazio, Valentina; Nigg, Aurélien; Schmidt, Janne S; Brilhante, Michael; Campos-Madueno, Edgar I.; Mauri, Nico; Kuster, Stefan P; Gobeli Brawand, Stefanie; Willi, Barbara; Endimiani, Andrea; Perreten, Vincent; Schuller, Simone (2021). Duration of carriage of multidrug-resistant bacteria in dogs and cats in veterinary care and co-carriage with their owners. One health, 13(100322), p. 100322. Elsevier 10.1016/j.onehlt.2021.100322

Kraemer, Julia G.; Aebi, Suzanne; Hilty, Markus; Oppliger, Anne (2021). Nasal microbiota composition dynamics after occupational change in animal farmers suggest major shifts. Science of the total environment, 782(146842), p. 146842. Elsevier 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.146842

Brueggemann, Angela B; Jansen van Rensburg, Melissa J; Shaw, David; McCarthy, Noel D; Jolley, Keith A; Maiden, Martin C J; van der Linden, Mark P G; Amin-Chowdhury, Zahin; Bennett, Désirée E; Borrow, Ray; Brandileone, Maria-Cristina C; Broughton, Karen; Campbell, Ruth; Cao, Bin; Casanova, Carlo; Choi, Eun Hwa; Chu, Yiu Wai; Clark, Stephen A; Claus, Heike; Coelho, Juliana; ... (2021). Changes in the incidence of invasive disease due to Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, and Neisseria meningitidis during the COVID-19 pandemic in 26 countries and territories in the Invasive Respiratory Infection Surveillance Initiative: a prospective analysis of surveillance data. The Lancet. Digital health, 3(6), e360-e370. Elsevier 10.1016/S2589-7500(21)00077-7

Knoll, Maria Deloria; Bennett, Julia C.; Garcia Quesada, Maria; Kagucia, Eunice W.; Peterson, Meagan E.; Feikin, Daniel R.; Cohen, Adam L.; Hetrich, Marissa K.; Yang, Yangyupei; Sinkevitch, Jenna N.; Ampofo, Krow; Aukes, Laurie; Bacci, Sabrina; Bigogo, Godfrey; Brandileone, Maria-Cristina C.; Bruce, Michael G.; Camilli, Romina; Castilla, Jesús; Chan, Guanhao; Chanto Chacón, Grettel; ... (2021). Global Landscape Review of Serotype-Specific Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Surveillance among Countries Using PCV10/13: The Pneumococcal Serotype Replacement and Distribution Estimation (PSERENADE) Project. Microorganisms, 9(4) MDPI 10.3390/microorganisms9040742

Garcia Quesada, Maria; Yang, Yangyupei; Bennett, Julia C.; Hayford, Kyla; Zeger, Scott L.; Feikin, Daniel R.; Peterson, Meagan E.; Cohen, Adam L.; Almeida, Samanta C. G.; Ampofo, Krow; Ang, Michelle; Bar-Zeev, Naor; Bruce, Michael G.; Camilli, Romina; Chanto Chacón, Grettel; Ciruela, Pilar; Cohen, Cheryl; Corcoran, Mary; Dagan, Ron; De Wals, Philippe; ... (2021). Serotype Distribution of Remaining Pneumococcal Meningitis in the Mature PCV10/13 Period: Findings from the PSERENADE Project. Microorganisms, 9(4) MDPI 10.3390/microorganisms9040738

Dazio, Valentina; Nigg, Aurélien; Schmidt, Janne S; Brilhante, Michael; Mauri, Nico; Kuster, Stephan P; Gobeli Brawand, Stefanie; Schüpbach-Regula, Gertraud; Willi, Barbara; Endimiani, Andrea; Perreten, Vincent; Schuller, Simone (2021). Acquisition and carriage of multidrug-resistant organisms in dogs and cats presented to small animal practices and clinics in Switzerland. Journal of veterinary internal medicine, 35(2), pp. 970-979. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/jvim.16038

Abbühl, Mariesol; Risch, Martin; Kronenberg, Andreas (2021). COVID-19-Seroprävalenz-Studie bei Mitarbeitenden einer städtischen Hausarztpraxis (In Press). Primary and hospital care: allgemeine innere Medizin, 21(6), pp. 183-187. EMH Schweizerischer Ärzteverlag 10.4414/phc-d.2021.10353


Heinz, Judith; Röver, Christian; Furaijat, Ghefar; Kaußner, Yvonne; Hummers, Eva; Debray, Thomas; Hay, Alastair D; Heytens, Stefan; Vik, Ingvild; Little, Paul; Moore, Michael; Stuart, Beth; Wagenlehner, Florian; Kronenberg, Andreas; Ferry, Sven; Monsen, Tor; Lindbaek, Morten; Friede, Tim; Gagyor, Ildiko (2020). Strategies to reduce antibiotic use in women with uncomplicated urinary tract infection in primary care: protocol of a systematic review and meta-analysis including individual patient data. BMJ open, 10(10), e035883. BMJ Publishing Group 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-035883

Endimiani, Andrea; Bernasconi, Odette Joëlle; Büdel, Thomas; Campos-Madueno, Edgar I.; Kuenzli, Esther; Hatz, Christoph; Carattoli, Alessandra (2020). Whole-genome characterization of a Shewanella algae strain co-harboring blaCTX-M-15 and armA genes on a novel IncC plasmid. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, 64(5) American Society for Microbiology 10.1128/AAC.00267-20


Luzzaro, Francesco; Clément, Mathieu; Principe, Luigi; Viaggi, Valentina; Bernasconi, Odette J; Endimiani, Andrea (2019). Characterization of the first ESBL-producing Shigella sonnei Clinical Isolate in Italy. Journal of global antimicrobial resistance, 17, pp. 58-59. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jgar.2019.03.004

Endimiani, Andrea (15 March 2019). Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in the community (Unpublished). In: 7° Congresso AMIT Internazionale. Argomenti di Malattie Infettive e Tropicali. Milan. 14-15.03.2019.


Mellors, Theodore R; Rees, Christiaan A; Franchina, Flavio A; Burklund, Alison; Patel, Chaya; Hathaway, Lucy Jane; Hill, Jane E (2018). The volatile molecular profiles of seven Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes. Journal of chromatography. B - analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences, 1096, pp. 208-213. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jchromb.2018.08.032

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