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Journal Article

Frahsa, Annika; Abel, Thomas; Gelius, Peter; Rütten, Alfred (2021). The capability approach as a bridging framework across health promotion settings: theoretical and empirical considerations. Health promotion international, 36(2), pp. 493-504. Oxford University Press 10.1093/heapro/daaa076

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Book Section

Abel, Thomas (2020). COVID-19 Education à la santée et coresponsabilité. In: Gamba, Fiorenza; Nardone, Marco; Ricciardi, Toni; Cattacin, Sandro (eds.) COVID-19. Le regard des sciences sociales (pp. 293-300). Seismo

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Conference or Workshop Item

Lehmann, Susanne; Abel, Thomas (31 March 2016). What difference does it make to be health literate? Probing into the associations between health literacy scores and health behaviors (Unpublished). In: Dreiländerkongress "Bildung und Gesundheit". Nürnberg. 30.03.-01.04.2016.

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