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Auer, Reto; Schoeni, Anna; Humair, Jean-Paul; Jacot-Sadowski, Isabelle; Berlin, Ivan; Stuber, Mirah J.; Haller, Moa Lina; Casagrande Tango, Rodrigo; Frei, Anna; Strassmann, Alexandra; Bruggmann, Philip; Baty, Florent; Brutsche, Martin; Tal, Kali; Baggio, Stéphanie; Jakob, Julian; Sambiagio, Nicolas; Hopf, Nancy B.; Feller, Martin; Rodondi, Nicolas; ... (2024). Electronic Nicotine-Delivery Systems for Smoking Cessation. New England journal of medicine NEJM, 390(7), pp. 601-610. Massachusetts Medical Society MMS 10.1056/NEJMoa2308815


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