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Feige, Bernd; Baglioni, Chiara; Boehm, Philipp; Heinrich, Anna; Trumm, Samuel; Benz, Fee; Nissen, Christoph; Domschke, Katharina; Frase, Lukas; Riemann, Dieter (2021). Event-related potentials in insomnia reflect altered perception of sleep. Sleep, 44(10) Oxford University Press 10.1093/sleep/zsab137

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Pinilla, Severin; Cantisani, Andrea; Klöppel, Stefan; Strik, Werner; Nissen, Christoph; Huwendiek, Sören (2021). Introducing a Psychiatry Clerkship Curriculum Based on Entrustable Professional Activities: an Explorative Pilot Study. Academic psychiatry, 45(3), pp. 354-359. Springer 10.1007/s40596-021-01417-y

Hertenstein, Elisabeth; Trinca, Ersilia; Schneider, Carlotta L.; Wunderlin, Marina; Fehér, Kristoffer; Riemann, Dieter; Nissen, Christoph (2021). Augmentation of psychotherapy with neurobiological methods: current state and future directions (In Press). Neuropsychobiology, pp. 1-17. Karger 10.1159/000514564

Pinilla, Severin; Kyrou, Alexandra; Klöppel, Stefan; Strik, Werner; Nissen, Christoph; Huwendiek, Sören (2021). Workplace-based assessments of entrustable professional activities in a psychiatry core clerkship: an observational study. BMC medical education, 21(1), p. 223. BioMed Central 10.1186/s12909-021-02637-4

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Linder, Stefanie; Duss, Simone B.; Dvořák, Charles; Merlo, Christoph; Essig, Stefan; Tal, Kali; Del Giovane, Cinzia; Syrogiannouli, Lamprini; Heinzer, Raphael; Nissen, Christoph; Bassetti, Claudio L.A.; Auer, Reto; Maire, Micheline (2021). Treating insomnia in Swiss primary care practices: A survey study based on case vignettes. Journal of sleep research, 30(1), e13169. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/jsr.13169

Pinilla, Severin; Cantisani, Andrea; Klöppel, Stefan; Strik, Werner; Nissen, Christoph; Huwendiek, Sören (2021). Curriculum development with the implementation of an Open-source Learning Management System for training early clinical students: An Educational Design Research Study. Advances in medical education and practice, Volume 12, pp. 53-61. Dove Medical Press 10.2147/AMEP.S284974

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Habich, Annegret; Fehér, Daniel Kristoffer; Antonenko, Daria; Boraxbekk, Carl-Johan; Flöel, Agnes; Nissen, Christoph; Siebner, Hartwig Roman; Thielscher, Axel; Klöppel, Stefan (2020). Stimulating aged brains with transcranial direct current stimulation: Opportunities and challenges. Psychiatry research: Neuroimaging, 306, p. 111179. Elsevier 10.1016/j.pscychresns.2020.111179

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Mikutta, Christian; Feige, Bernd; Maier, Jonathan Gabriel; Hertenstein, Elisabeth; Holz, Johannes; Riemann, Dieter; Nissen, Christoph (2019). Phase-amplitude coupling of sleep slow oscillatory and spindle activity correlates with overnight memory consolidation. Journal of sleep research, 28(6), e12835. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/jsr.12835

Pinilla, Severin; Nissen, Christoph; Huwendiek, Sören (11 November 2019). Identifying entrustable professional activities (EPAs) for the psychiatry clerkship: an exploratory study (Unpublished). In: 11th Symposium Graduate School for Health Sciences 2019. Gunten, Switzerland. 19. - 20. November 2019.

Pinilla, Severin; Cantisani, Andrea; Nissen, Christoph; Klöppel, Stefan; Strik, Werner (27 September 2019). Auswertung von Evaluationsdaten um anvertraubare professionelle Tätigkeiten (APTs) für das Blockpraktikum in der medizinischen Ausbildung zu identifizieren (Unpublished). In: Gemeinsame Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Medizinische Ausbildung (GMA), des Arbeitskreises zur Weiterentwicklung der Lehre in der Zahnmedizin (AKWLZ) und der Chirurgischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lehre (CAL). Frankfurt, Deutschland.

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