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João de Souza, Samira Helena; Sakae, Leticia Oba; Lussi, Adrian; Aranha, Ana Cecilia Corrêa; Hara, Anderson; Baumann, Tommy; Scaramucci, Tais; Saads Carvalho, Thiago (2020). Toothpaste factors related to dentine tubule occlusion and dentine protection against erosion and abrasion. Clinical oral investigations, 24(6), pp. 2051-2060. Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00784-019-03069-7

Christos, Livas; Baumann, Tommy; Flury, Simon; Pandis, Nikolaos (2020). Quantitative evaluation of the progressive wear of powered interproximal reduction systems after repeated use : An in vitro study. Journal of orofacial orthopedics - Fortschritte der Kieferorthopädie, 81(1), pp. 22-29. Springer 10.1007/s00056-019-00200-x


Lussi, Adrian; Buzalaf, M A R; Duangthip, D; Anttonen, V; Ganss, C; João-Souza, Samira Helena; Baumann, Tommy; Saads Carvalho, Thiago (2019). The use of fluoride for the prevention of dental erosion and erosive tooth wear in children and adolescents. European archives of paediatric dentistry, 20(6), pp. 517-527. Springer 10.1007/s40368-019-00420-0

Lussi, Adrian; João-Souza, Samira H.; Megert, Brigitte; S. Carvalho, Thiago; Baumann, Tommy (2019). The erosive potential of different drinks, foodstuffs and medicines - a vade mecum. Swiss dental journal, 129(6), pp. 479-487. Schweizerische Zahnärzte-Gesellschaft SSO

Martini, Tatiana; Rios, Daniela; Cassiano, Luiza Paula Silva; Silva, Cíntia Maria de Souza; Taira, Even Akemi; Ventura, Talita Mendes Silva; Pereira, Heloísa Aparecida Barbosa Silva; Magalhães, Ana Carolina; Saads Carvalho, Thiago; Baumann, Tommy; Lussi, Adrian; Oliveira, Ricardo Brandt; Palma-Dibb, Regina Guenka; Buzalaf, Marília Afonso Rabelo (2019). Proteomics of acquired pellicle in gastroesophageal reflux disease patients with or without erosive tooth wear. Journal of dentistry, 81, pp. 64-69. Elsevier Science 10.1016/j.jdent.2018.12.007

Sieber, Kevin R.; Schmidt, Christoph; Baumann, Tommy; Lussi, Adrian; S. Carvalho, Thiago (2019). Acquired Enamel Pellicle Modification with Casein and Mucin in Different Concentrations and its Impact on Initial Dental Erosion. Caries research, 53(4), pp. 457-466. Karger 10.1159/000499579


João-Souza, Samira Helena; Lussi, Adrian; Baumann, Tommy; Scaramucci, Taís; Aranha, Ana Cecília Corrêa; Saads Carvalho, Thiago (2017). Chemical and physical factors of desensitizing and/or anti-erosive toothpastes associated with lower erosive tooth wear. Scientific Reports, 7(1), p. 17909. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41598-017-18154-8

Baumann, Tommy; Bereiter, Riccarda; Lussi, Adrian; Saads Carvalho, Thiago (2017). The effect of different salivary calcium concentrations on the erosion protection conferred by the salivary pellicle. Scientific Reports, 7(1), p. 12999. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41598-017-13367-3

Saads Carvalho, Thiago; Schmid, T M; Baumann, Tommy; Lussi, Adrian (2017). Erosive effect of different dietary substances on deciduous and permanent teeth. Clinical oral investigations, 21(5), pp. 1519-1526. Springer 10.1007/s00784-016-1915-z

Gyurkovics, Milán; Baumann, Tommy; Saads Carvalho, Thiago; Assunção, Cristiane Meira; Lussi, Adrian (2017). In vitro evaluation of modified surface microhardness measurement, focus variation 3D microscopy and contact stylus profilometry to assess enamel surface loss after erosive-abrasive challenges. PLoS ONE, 12(4), e0175027. Public Library of Science 10.1371/journal.pone.0175027


Baumann, Tommy; Kozik, J; Lussi, Adrian; Saads Carvalho, Thiago (2016). Erosion protection conferred by whole human saliva, dialysed saliva, and artificial saliva. Scientific Reports, 6(34760), p. 34760. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/srep34760

Saads Carvalho, Thiago; Baumann, Tommy; Lussi, Adrian (2016). In vitro salivary pellicles from adults and children have different protective effects against erosion. Clinical oral investigations, 20(8), pp. 1973-1979. Springer 10.1007/s00784-015-1703-1

Saads Carvalho, Thiago; Baumann, Tommy; Lussi, Adrian (2016). A new hand-held optical reflectometer to measure enamel erosion: correlation with surface hardness and calcium release. Scientific Reports, 6(25259), p. 25259. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/srep25259

Saads Carvalho, Thiago; Baumann, Tommy; Lussi, Adrian (2016). Does erosion progress differently on teeth already presenting clinical signs of erosive tooth wear than on sound teeth? An in vitro pilot trial. BMC Oral Health, 17(14), p. 14. BioMed Central 10.1186/s12903-016-0231-y


Baumann, Tommy; Saads Carvalho, Thiago; Lussi, Adrian (2015). The effect of enamel proteins on erosion. Scientific Reports, 5, p. 15194. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/srep15194


Baumann, Tommy; Affentranger, Sarah; Niggli, Verena (2013). Analysis of close associations of uropod-associated proteins in human T-cells using the proximity ligation assay. PeerJ, 1, e186. PeerJ, Ltd 10.7717/peerj.186


Baumann, Tommy; Affentranger, Sarah; Niggli, Verena (2012). Evidence for chemokine-mediated coalescence of preformed flotillin hetero-oligomers in human T-cells. Journal of biological chemistry, 287(47), pp. 39664-72. Bethesda, Md.: American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 10.1074/jbc.M112.412742

Trachsel, Christian; Widmer, Christine; Kämpfer, Urs; Bühr, Claudia; Baumann, Tommy; Kuhn-Nentwig, Lucia; Schürch, Stefan; Schaller, Johann; Baumann, Ulrich (2012). Structural and biochemical characterization of native and recombinant single insulin-like growth factor-binding domain protein (SIBD-1) from the Central American Hunting Spider Cupiennius salei (Ctenidae). Proteins - structure, function, and bioinformatics, 80(9), pp. 2323-2329. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley-Blackwell 10.1002/prot.24119


Kuhn-Nentwig, Lucia; Largiadèr, Carlo R; Streitberger, Kathrin; Chandru, Sathyan; Baumann, Tommy; Kämpfer, Urs; Schaller, Johann; Schürch, Stefan; Nentwig, Wolfgang (2011). Purification, cDNA structure and biological significance of a single insulin-like growth factor-binding domain protein (SIBD-1) identified in the hemocytes of the spider Cupiennius salei. Insect biochemistry and molecular biology, 41(11), pp. 891-901. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.ibmb.2011.08.003


Baumann, Tommy; Kämpfer, Urs; Schürch, Stefan; Schaller, Johann; Largiadèr, Carlo; Nentwig, Wolfgang; Kuhn-Nentwig, Lucia (2010). Ctenidins: antimicrobial glycine-rich peptides from the hemocytes of the spider Cupiennius salei. Cellular and molecular life sciences, 67(16), pp. 2787-2798. Basel: SP Birkhäuser Verlag Basel 10.1007/s00018-010-0364-0

Baumann, Tommy; Kuhn-Nentwig, Lucia; Largiadèr, Carlo R; Nentwig, Wolfgang (2010). Expression of defensins in non-infected araneomorph spiders. Cellular and molecular life sciences, 67(15), pp. 2643-51. Basel: SP Birkhäuser Verlag Basel 10.1007/s00018-010-0354-2

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