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Journal Article

Ammann, Brigitta (1989). Response times in bio- and isotopestratigraphies to Late-Glacial climatic shifts: an example from lake deposits. Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae, 82(1), pp. 183-190. Birkhäuser 10.5169/seals-166371

Ammann, Brigitta; Lotter, André F (1989). Late-Glacial radiocarbon- and palynostratigraphy on the Swiss Plateau. Boreas, 18(2), pp. 109-126. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/j.1502-3885.1989.tb00381.x

BOHLEN, S. R.; Mezger, Klaus (1989). Origin of Granulite Terranes and the Formation of the Lowermost Continental Crust. Science, 244(4902), pp. 326-329. American Association for the Advancement of Science 10.1126/science.244.4902.326

Bachmann, E.; Perrig, Walter J. (1989). The mental representation of verbally described spatial layouts. The German Journal of Psychology, 13, pp. 160-162. Hogrefe

Baker, Andrew; Würgler, Urs (1989). Liftings of formal groups and the Artinian completion of BP. Mathematical proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 106(3), pp. 511-530. Cambridge University Press 10.1017/S0305004100068249

Barbin, V.; Chamay, J.; Decrouez, D.; Maier, J.L.; Ramseyer, Karl (1989). A la recherche de l'origine des marbres blancs utilisés dans l'Antiquité. Antike Kunst, 32, pp. 155-158. Vereinigung der Freunde Antiker Kunst

Barbin, V.; Decrouez, D.; Ramseyer, Karl; Maier, J.L.; Herb, R. (1989). Cathodoluminescence: applications aux problèmes paléontologiques et archéologiques. Minéraux et fossiles, le guide du collectionneur, 174, pp. 7-12.

Barbin, V.; Decrouez, D.; Ramseyer, Karl; Maier, J.L.; Herb, R. (1989). Cathodoluminescence: Applications aux problèmes paléontologiques et archéologiques. Schweizer Strahler, 8, pp. 376-386. Schweizer Vereinigung der Strahler und Mineraliensammler SFSM

Barbin, V.; Ramseyer, Karl; Decrouez, D.; Herb, R. (1989). Marbres blancs: caractérisation par cathodoluminescence. Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série 2, 308(9), pp. 861-866. Elsevier

Barbin, Vincent; Ramseyer, Karl; Decrouez, Danielle; Herb, René (1989). Mise en évidence par la cathodoluminescence d'indices de remaniements synsédimentaires. Geobios, 22(2), pp. 253-259. Elsevier 10.1016/S0016-6995(89)80131-7

Bisang, Irene; Lienhard, Luc; Hegg, Otto (1989). Vegetationskundlicher Streifzug durch die Ostalpen. Mitteilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Bern, 46, pp. 141-168. Naturforschende Gesellschaft Bern 10.5169/seals-318540

Blossfeld, Hans-Peter; Becker, Rolf (1989). Arbeitsmarktprozesse zwischen öffentlichem und privatwirtschaftlichem Sektor. Kohortenspezifische Auswirkungen der Expansion des Staates als Arbeitgeber. Mitteilungen aus der Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung, 22(2), pp. 233-247. Kohlhammer

Brunold, Christian; Suter, Marianne (1989). Localization of enzymes of assimilatory sulfate reduction in pea roots. Planta, 179(2), pp. 228-234. Springer 10.1007/BF00393693

Burley, S.D.; Mullis, J.; Matter, Albert (1989). Timing diagenesis in the Tartan Reservoir (UK North Sea): constraints from combined cathodoluminescence microscopy and fluid inclusion studies. Marine and petroleum geology, 6(2), pp. 98-120. Butterworth 10.1016/0264-8172(89)90014-7

Courvoisier, S; Täuber, MG; Lüthy, R (1989). [Bisexuality and AIDS. Implications for heterosexual HIV infections in women]. Praxis - schweizerische Rundschau für Medizin, 78(17), pp. 486-93. Bern: Huber

Feller, Urs (1989). Transfer of Rubidium from the Xylem to the Phloem in Wheat Internodes. Journal of plant physiology, 133(6), pp. 764-767. Gustav Fischer Verlag 10.1016/S0176-1617(89)80086-0

Frei, W.; Hertzmann, P.; Lehner, P.; Müller, Stefanie; Olivier, R.; Pfiffner, Othmar-Adrian; Steck, A.; Valasek, P. (1989). Geotraverses across the Swiss Alps. Nature, 340(6234), pp. 544-548. Macmillan Journals Ltd. 10.1038/340544a0

Giroud, Christian; Eichenberger, Waldemar (1989). Lipids of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Incorporation of [14C]Acetate, [14C]Palmitate and [14C]Oleate into Different Lipids and Evidence for Lipid-Linked Desaturation of Fatty Acids. Plant and Cell Physiology, 30(1), pp. 121-128. Oxford University Press 10.1093/oxfordjournals.pcp.a077705

Gottstein, Bruno (1989). [Immunodiagnosis of alveolar echinococcosis]. Revue médicale de la Suisse romande, 109(2), pp. 93-94. Impr. Réunis

Gottstein, Bruno; Deplazes, P (1989). [Indirect detection of the infectious agents of selected parasitic diseases in animals by immunologic and molecular biological methods]. Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde, 131(8), pp. 465-477. Huber

Gottstein, Bruno; Tschudi, K; Eckert, J; Ammann, R (1989). Em2-ELISA for the follow-up of alveolar echinococcosis after complete surgical resection of liver lesions. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 83(3), pp. 389-393. Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Heller, Amy (1989). Tibetan sculpture and painting in the Newark Museum. Arts of Asia, 19(5), pp. 139-147. Arts of Asia Publications

Heller, Amy (1989). Mi-dbang's 1740 Decree to Batang. Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 43(2-3), pp. 375-389. Akad. Kiadó

Henzi, Thomas; Voland, Jacques; Brändle, Roland (1989). Effects of low temperature on the fatty acid composition of callus cultures of Cichorium endivia L. and Lactuca sativa L. Botanica Helvetica, 99(2), pp. 189-195. Birkhäuser 10.5169/seals-6913

Ingervall, Bengt; Thüer, Urs; Kuster, Robert (1989). Lack of correlation between mouth-breathing and bite force. European journal of orthodontics, 11(1), pp. 43-46. Oxford University Press 10.1093/oxfordjournals.ejo.a035963

Kratz, J. V.; Zimmermann, H. P.; Scherer, U. W.; Schädel, M.; Brüchle, W.; Gregorich, Κ. E.; Gannett, C. M.; Hall, H. L.; Henderson, R. A.; Lee, D. M.; Leyba, J. D.; Nurmia, M. J.; Hoffman, D. C.; Gäggeler, H.; Jost, D.; Baltensperger, U.; Ya, Nai-Qi; Türler, A.; Lienert, Ch. (1989). Chemical Properties of Element 105 in Aqueous Solution: Halide Complex Formation and Anion Exchange into Triisoctyl Amine. Radiochimica acta, 48(3-4), pp. 121-133. Oldenbourg 10.1524/ract.1989.48.34.121

Kren Kostkiewicz, Jolanta (1989). Schutz der schwächeren Partei im schweizerischen internationalen Vertragsrecht unter Berücksichtigung der deutschen Rechtsordnung. Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Rechtswissenschaft - Archiv für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht, 88, pp. 48-70. Deutscher Fachverlag

Krähenbühl, Urs; Burger, Mario (1989). Determination of Refractory Trace Elements in Chinese Meteorites by RNAA. Radiochimica acta, 47(1), pp. 21-24. Oldenbourg 10.1524/ract.1989.47.1.21

Kälin, Walter (1989). Just another Brick in the Wall? A Swiss Report on the use of Computerized Textual Elements in Substantiating Negative Asylum Decisions. International journal of refugee law, 1(1), pp. 83-88. Oxford University Press 10.1093/ijrl/1.1.83

Künzi, Hans-Peter A. (1989). Some remarks on quasi-uniform spaces. Glasgow mathematical journal, 31(3), pp. 309-320. Cambridge University Press 10.1017/S0017089500007874

Loderer, Claudio; Lewellen, Wilbur; Rosenfeld, Ahron (1989). Mergers, executive risk reduction and stockholder wealth. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 24(4), pp. 459-472. Cambridge University Press 10.2307/2330979

Loderer, Claudio F.; Sheehan, Dennis P. (1989). Corporate bankruptcy and managers' self-serving behavior. Journal of Finance, 44(4), pp. 1059-1075. Wiley 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1989.tb02639.x

Ludin, Sabina; Ludin, Hans-Peter (1989). Is Parkinson's disease of early onset a separate disease entity? Journal of neurology, 236(4), pp. 203-207. Springer-Medizin-Verlag 10.1007/BF00314500

Meier, V S; Böhni, R; Schümperli, Daniel (1989). Nucleotide sequence of two mouse histone H4 genes. Nucleic acids research, 17(2), p. 795. Information Retrieval Ltd.

Menzi, Martin; Kläy, Andreas; Seeland, Klaus; Stürzinger, Ueli; Waldvogel, Markus (1989). Systemic evaluation - a contribution to Swiss development research. International Social Science Journal, 121, pp. 471-483. Wiley Blackwell

Mezger, Klaus; Hanson, G. N.; Bohlen, S. R. (1989). U-Pb systematics of garnet: dating the growth of garnet in the late Archean Pikwitonei granulite domain at Cauchon and Natawahunan Lakes, Manitoba, Canada. Contributions to mineralogy and petrology, 101(2), pp. 136-148. Springer 10.1007/BF00375301

Mezger, Klaus; Hanson, G.N.; Bohlen, S.R. (1989). High-precision UPb ages of metamorphic rutile: application to the cooling history of high-grade terranes. Earth and planetary science letters, 96(1-2), pp. 106-118. Elsevier 10.1016/0012-821X(89)90126-X

Minder, C E; Matthäus, D (1989). [A mortality databank for international comparison and background information]. Sozial- und Präventivmedizin, 34(5), pp. 219-22. Basel: Birkhäuser 10.1007/BF02083443

Mini, R (1989). [How strongly does the radiation burden of diagnostic x-ray studies depend on the imaging technic?]. RöFo. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden Verfahren, 151(3), pp. 365-70. Stuttgart: Thieme 10.1055/s-2008-1047194

Moretti, Bruno (1989). H. Ringbom: The role of the first language in foreign language learning, Multilingual Matters, Clevedon - Philadelphia 1987. Studi italiani di linguistica teorica e applicata, 18, pp. 517-521. Pacini

Moretti, Bruno (1989). E. Tarone: Variation in interlanguage, London, Edward Arnold 1988, VIII + 151 p. Vox Romanica, 48, pp. 225-228. Francke

Müller, N; Vogel, M; Gottstein, Bruno; Scholle, A; Seebeck, T (1989). Plasmid vector for overproduction and export of recombinant protein in Escherichia coli: efficient one-step purification of a recombinant antigen from Echinococcus multilocularis (Cestoda). Gene, 75(2), pp. 329-334. Elsevier

Müller, Norbert; Gottstein, Bruno; Vogel, Monique; Flury, Karin; Seebeck, Thomas (1989). Application of a recombinant Echinococcus multilocularis antigen in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for immunodiagnosis of human alveolar echinococcosis. Molecular and biochemical parasitology, 36(2), pp. 151-159. Elsevier 10.1016/0166-6851(89)90187-4

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Rapold, H. J.; Häberli, A.; Kuemmerli, H.; Weiss, M.; Baur, H. R.; Straub, W. P. (1989). Fibrin formation and platelet activation in patients with myocardial infarction and normal coronary arteries. European Heart Journal, 10(4), pp. 323-333. Oxford University Press 10.1093/oxfordjournals.eurheartj.a059489

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Schlapbach, P.; Beyeler, Ch.; Gerber, N. J.; Van Der Linden, Sj.; Bürgi, U.; Fuchs, W. A.; Ehrengruber, H. (1989). Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) of the spine: a cause of back pain? a controlled study. Rheumatology, 28(4), pp. 299-303. Oxford University Press 10.1093/rheumatology/28.4.299

Schlüchter, Christian (1989). A non-classical summary of the Quaternary stratigraphy in the Northern Alpine Foreland of Switzerland. Bulletin de la Société Neuchâteloise de Géographie, 23/33, pp. 143-157. Société Neuchâteloise de Géographie

Schlüchter, Christian (1989). Thalgut - A comprehensive Quaternary record of the northern Swiss alpine foreland. Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae, 82(1), pp. 277-284. Birkhäuser 10.5169/seals-166377

Schlüchter, Christian (1989). Antarktisforschung: auf der Suche nach einer warmen Welt. Bulletin der Schweizerischen Akademie für Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften, 13(1), pp. 43-47. Schweizerische Akademie der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften SAGW

Schlüchter, Christian (1989). A glimpse at the Quaternary geology of the Lushan Mountains, Southeast China. Disiji Yanjiu = Quarterary Sciences, 3, pp. 286-290. Zhongguo Kexueyuan Dizhi yu Diqiu Wuli Yanjiusuo

Schlüchter, Christian (1989). The most complete quaternary record of the Swiss Alpine Foreland. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 72, pp. 141-146. Elsevier 10.1016/0031-0182(89)90138-7

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Thom, Norbert (1989). Personalentwicklung als Instrument der Unternehmungsführung. Schlussfolgerungen aus empirischer Forschung. Die Unternehmung : Swiss journal of business research and practice, 43(5), pp. 417-425. Haupt

Thom, Norbert (1989). Notre ressource la plus précieuse: des hommes avec des idées. Thema : Forschung und Wissenschaft an den Schweizer Hochschulen = Thema : Magazine sur la recherche scientifique dans les hautes écoles suisses(7), pp. 42-46. Stämpfli, Bern

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Thüer, Urs; Kuster, Robert; Ingervall, Bengt (1989). A comparison between anamnestic, rhinomanometric and radiological methods of diagnosing mouthbreathing. European journal of orthodontics, 11(2), pp. 161-168. Oxford University Press 10.1093/oxfordjournals.ejo.a035979

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Täuber, MG; Kunz, S; Zak, O; Sande, MA (1989). Influence of antibiotic dose, dosing interval, and duration of therapy on outcome in experimental pneumococcal meningitis in rabbits. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, 33(4), pp. 418-23. Washington, D.C.: American Society for Microbiology 10.1128/AAC.33.4.418

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Wolz, Christiane; Kiosz, Gerd; Ogle, John W.; Vasil, Michael L.; Schaad, Urs; Botzenhart, Konrad; Döring, Gerd (1989). Pseudomonas aeruginosa cross-colonization and persistence in patients with cystic fibrosis. Use of a DNA probe. Epidemiology and infection, 102(2), pp. 205-214. Cambridge University Press 10.1017/S0950268800029873

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Newspaper or Magazine Article

Brändle, Roland (1989). Pflanzen auf überfluteten Böden - Überlebensstrategie. UniPress - Forschung und Wissenschaft an der Universität Bern, 62, pp. 11-13. Abteilung Kommunikation, Universität Bern

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Pfiffner, Othmar-Adrian (1989). Geologische Tiefenstruktur: Echo aus der Tiefe. UniPress - Forschung und Wissenschaft an der Universität Bern, 62, pp. 46-48. Abteilung Kommunikation, Universität Bern

Book Section

Fischer, Andreas (1989). Ausblick. In: Hüsler, Willi (ed.) Verkehrsflächen der Schweiz. Materialien zur Raumplanung (pp. 39-45). Bern: Bundesamt für Raumplanung

Hurni, Hans (1989). Late Quaternary of Simen and other mountains in Ethiopia. In: Mahaney, William C.; Balkema, A. A. (eds.) Quaternary and environmental research on East African mountains (pp. 105-120). Rotterdam, Netherlands: CRC Press

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Weingartner, Rolf (1989). Das Unit-Hydrograph-Verfahren und seine Anwendung in schweizerischen Einzugsgebieten: Projektschlussbericht (Publikation Gewässerkunde 107). Bern: Geographisches Institut der Universität Bern

Conference or Workshop Item

Brunold, Christian; Neuenschwander, Urs (1989). Light-dark regulation of sulfate assimilation in Lemna minor L. in the presence of o-acetyl-l-serine. Plant Physiology, 89(4 suppl), p. 104. American Society of Plant Physiologists

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Schlüchter, Christian (1989). Eiszeitliche Lockergesteine - Geologie, Genese, Eigenschaften. (Habilitation, ETH Zürich)

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