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Brunner, Anna; Underberg, Julius; Zimmermann, Jeannette; Vincenti, Simona (2023). Comparison of the Trachea in Normocephalic versus Brachycephalic Cats on the Basis of CT-Derived Measurements. Veterinary sciences, 10(10) MDPI 10.3390/vetsci10100602

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Levionnois, Olivier (7 March 2023). L'anesthésie pour césarienne (Unpublished). In: L'anesthésie pour césarienne.

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Buser, Larissa Irina; Torelli, Nathan; Andreis, Sabrina; Witte, Stefan; Spadavecchia, Claudia (2023). Evaluation of the hoof centre-of-pressure path in horses affected by chronic osteoarthritic pain. PLoS ONE, 18(9), e0291630. Public Library of Science 10.1371/journal.pone.0291630


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Kantyka, Marta Ewelina (20 October 2022). Anesthesia in emergency room (4 H) (Unpublished). In: VETnoLIMITS Conference, Warsaw.

Mirra, Alessandro (11 October 2022). The pig as experimental model: are we ensuring animal welfare during anaesthesia (Unpublished). In: LTK20.

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Mirra, Alessandro (2 September 2022). Incidence of peri-anaesthetic complications in bovine animals: a retrospective study to identify risk factors (Unpublished). In: Association of Veterinary Anesthetists (AVA) Meeting.

Mirra, Alessandro (1 September 2022). Endotracheal intubation in pigs: which animal positioning is the best? (Unpublished). In: Association of Veterinary Anesthetists (AVA) Meeting.

Mirra, Alessandro (1 September 2022). Depth of anaesthesia assessment in experimental pigs: a scoping review (Submitted). In: Association of Veterinary Anesthetists (AVA) Meeting.

Mirra, Alessandro (1 September 2022). Correlation of Sedline-generated variables with anaesthetic depth in propofol anaesthetized pigs (Unpublished). In: Association of Veterinary Anesthetists (AVA) Meeting.

Mirra, Alessandro (1 September 2022). Anti-nociceptive and behavioural effects of butorphanol alone or in combination with detomidine in experimental calves. A prospective, randomized, blinded cross-over study (Unpublished). In: Association of Veterinary Anesthetists (AVA) Meeting.

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Kantyka, Marta Ewelina (31 August 2022). Euthanasie richtig gemacht (Unpublished). In: VETex Webinar.

Spadavecchia, Claudia (28 August 2022). Anti-Nerve Growth Factor therapeutic to treat chronic pain in horses affected by spontaneous osteoarthritis: a pilot study (Unpublished). In: Havemeyer Equine Pain Symposium.

Spadavecchia, Claudia (28 August 2022). The NWR model in equine pain research: past experience and recent updates (Unpublished). In: Havemeyer Equine Pain Symposium.

Alaman, Manuel; Bonastre, Cristina; González-Marrón, Adrián; Gámez Maidanskaia, Ekaterina; Laborda, Alicia (2022). A Two-Point Ultrasound-Guided Injection Technique for the Transversus Thoracis Plane Block: A Canine Cadaveric Study. Animals, 12(17) MDPI 10.3390/ani12172165

Kantyka, Marta Ewelina (13 July 2022). Anästhesie und Monitoring (Unpublished). In: VETex Webinar.

Vézina-Audette, Raphaël; Kantyka, Marta; Gianotti, Giacomo; Silverstein, Deborah C (2022). Comparison of Mean Arterial Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Changes in Response to Three Different Randomized Isotonic Crystalloid Boluses in Hypotensive Anesthetized Dogs. Animals, 12(14) MDPI 10.3390/ani12141781

Mirra, Alessandro (8 July 2022). Anestesia della specie equina/Anestesia dei ruminanti (Unpublished). In: Anaesthesia course-University of Naples (Italy).

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Buser, Larissa (17 June 2022). Emergence Delirium: How to evaluate challenging recoveries in dogs and cats… (Unpublished). In: Emergence Delirium: How to evaluate challenging recoveries in dogs and cats….

Levionnois, Olivier (2 June 2022). Prise en charge de la douleur équine (Unpublished). In: Séminaire Capdouleur.

Mirra, Alessandro (27 May 2022). Evaluación nociceptiva usando el reflejo cervical trigémino en la es (Unpublished). In: XVI Sociedad Española de Analgesia y Anestesia Veterinaria (SEAAV) congress.

Gamez Maidanskaia, Ekaterina (26 May 2022). Evaluacion nociceptiva usando el Reflejo Trigémino-Cervical en la especie bovina (Unpublished). In: XVI Sociedad Española de Analgesia y Anestesia Veterinaria (SEAAV) congress.

Levionnois, Olivier (10 May 2022). Inhalationsanästhesie beim Pferd (Unpublished). In: Pferdeklinik Seminarreihe.

Kantyka, Marta Ewelina (6 May 2022). Anästhesie im Notfall (Unpublished). In: ESAVS KURS ECC BERN.

Bendeler, Kim Sara (2022). Hyperlipasemia in dogs with acute kidney injury treated with and without hemodialysis (Unpublished). (Dissertation, Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine (DKV), Vetsuisse Faculty University of Bern)

Kantyka, Marta Ewelina (8 April 2022). Anästhesie im Notfall (Unpublished). In: Notfall Kurs für Interns KTK 2022.

Levionnois, Olivier (24 March 2022). Le propofol, de Sédation à narcose profonde. (Unpublished). In: Séminaire BestInVet.

Buser, Larissa Irina (18 March 2022). ABCB1 gene mutation -considerations for the clinic (Unpublished). In: ABCB1 gene mutation -considerations for the clinic.

Gámez Maidanskaia, Ekaterina; Spadavecchia, Claudia; Vincenti, Simona; Mirra, Alessandro (2022). Anaesthetic Management of a Labrador Retriever Undergoing Adrenalectomy for Phaeochromocytoma Excision, a Case Report. Frontiers in veterinary science, 9, p. 789101. Frontiers Media 10.3389/fvets.2022.789101

Kantyka, Marta Ewelina (9 February 2022). Anästhesie im Notfall (Unpublished). In: ESAVS KURS ECC BERN.

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Levionnois, Olivier (4 February 2022). Gibt es etwas neues für die Anästhesie bei Kaiserschnitt-Patientinnen? (Unpublished). In: Kleintier-Intensiv-Symposium 2022.

Mirra, Alessandro (27 January 2022). Is the Electroencephalographic Monitor SedLine® a Useful Tool to Assess Anaesthetic Depth in Pigs (Unpublished). In: Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (GCB) symposium.

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