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Abbate, Ernesto; Albianelli, Andrea; Azzaroli, Augusto; Benvenuti, Marco; Tesfamariam, Berhane; Bruni, Piero; Cipriani, Nicola; Clarke, Ronald J.; Ficcarelli, Giovanni; Macchiarelli, Roberto; Napoleone, Giovanni; Papini, Mauro; Rook, Lorenzo; Sagri, Mario; Tecle, Tewelde Medhin; Torre, Danilo; Villa, Igor Maria (1998). A one-million-year-old Homo cranium from the Danakil (Afar) Depression of Eritrea. Nature, 393(6684), pp. 458-460. Macmillan Journals Ltd. 10.1038/30954

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Berdat, Pascal A.; Mohacsi, Paul; Althaus, Ulrich; Carrel, Thierry (1998). Successful heart transplantation in a patient with Ivemark syndrome combined with situs inversus, single atrium and ventricle after total cavo-pulmonary connection. European journal of cardio-thoracic surgery, 14(6), pp. 631-634. Elsevier Science B.V. 10.1016/S1010-7940(98)00244-9

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