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Müller, Alexandra Charlotte; Maubach, Johannes Andreas; Plitzko, Gabriel Andreas; Borbély, Yves Michael; Wiest, Reiner; Nett, Philipp C.; Kröll, Dino (September 2018). Endoscopic rescue procedures in patients with biliary complications and altered anatomy after bariatric surgery (Unpublished). In: SGG SSG Annual Meeting. Interlaken. 27. - 28.9.2018.

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Friedli, Bernhard Christoph; Brunner, Felix; Prost, Jean-Christophe; Bovet, Cédric; Kröll, Dino; Macpherson, Andrew; Juillerat, Pascal (2016). 7α-hydroxy-4-cholesten-3-one for Diagnosis and Management of Bile Acid Malabsorption: first year clinical experience. (Unpublished). In: SGG/SSG Annual Congress.

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