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Abelin, Theodor; Altpeter, Ekkehardt; Röösli, Martin (2005). Sleep disturbances in the vicinity of the short-wave broadcast transmitter Schwarzenburg. Somnologie - Schlafforschung und Schlafmedizin, 9(4), pp. 203-209. Steinkopff-Verlag 10.1111/j.1439-054X.2005.00072.x

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Adam, Silke; Berkel, Barbara; Pfetsch, Barbara (2005). Public Relations aus politikwissenschaftlicher Sicht. In: Bentele, Günther; Fröhlich, Romy; Szyszka, Peter (eds.) Handbuch der Public Relations (pp. 78-90). Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften

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Aebi, Max (2005). The adult scoliosis. European spine journal, 14(10), pp. 925-948. Springer 10.1007/s00586-005-1053-9

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Aeschbacher, Jos; Liniger, Hanspeter; Weingartner, Rolf (2005). River water shortage in a highland-lowland system: A case study of the impacts of water abstraction in the Mount Kenya Region. Mountain Research and Development, 25(2), pp. 155-162. International Mountain Society 10.1659/0276-4741(2005)025[0155:RWSIAH]2.0.CO;2

Aghayev, Emin; Thali, Michael J; Sonnenschein, Martin; Hurlimann, Joachim; Jackowski, Christian; Kilchoer, Thomas; Dirnhofer, Richard (2005). Fatal steamer accident; blunt force injuries and drowning in post-mortem MSCT and MRI. Forensic science international, 152(1), pp. 65-71. Elsevier Scientific Publ. Ireland 10.1016/j.forsciint.2005.02.034

Aghayev, Emin; Yen, Kathrin; Sonnenschein, Martin; Jackowski, Christian; Thali, Michael; Vock, Peter; Dirnhofer, Richard (2005). Pneumomediastinum and soft tissue emphysema of the neck in postmortem CT and MRI; a new vital sign in hanging? Forensic science international, 153(2-3), pp. 181-188. Elsevier Scientific Publ. Ireland 10.1016/j.forsciint.2004.09.124

Akasaka, M.; Nagashima, Mariko; Makino, K.; Ohashi, H. (2005). Distribution of Fe3+ in a synthetic (Ca,Na)2(Mg,Fe3+)Si2O7-melilite: 57Fe Mössbauer and X-ray Rietveld studies. Journal of mineralogical and petrological sciences, 100, pp. 229-236. Mineralogical Society of Japan, and the Japanese Association of Mineralogists, Petrologists and Economic Geologists

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Akçar, Naki; Schlüchter, Christian (2005). Paleoglaciations in Anatolia: A Schematic Review and First Results. Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart E&G / Quaternary science journal, 55(1), pp. 102-121. Geozon Science Media

Alaoui, Abdallah (2005). Évaluation de la compaction des sols par la méthode TDR: Manuel d'utilisation Bern, Schweiz: Office fédéral de l'environnement, des forêts et du paysage

Alberio, L; Clemetson, KJ (2005). [Platelet inhibition and activation. Mechanisms and clinical implications.]. Herz, 30(3), pp. 176-80. München: Urban & Vogel 10.1007/s00059-005-2681-x

Albert, Isabelle; Trommsdorff, Gisela; Mayer, Boris; Schwarz, Beate (2005). Value of children in urban and rural Indonesia: Socio-demographic indicators, cultural aspects and empirical findings. In: Trommsdorff, Gisela; Nauck, Bernhard (eds.) The value of children in cross-cultural perspective: Case studies from eight societies (pp. 171-207). Lengerich: Pabst

Alibert, Yann; Mordasini, Christoph; Mousis, Olivier; Benz, Willy (2005). Formation of Giant Planets– An Attempt in Matching Observational Constraints. Space science reviews, 116(1-2), pp. 77-95. Kluwer Academic Publishers 10.1007/s11214-005-1949-z

Allgöwer, Britta; Stähli, Markus; Finsinger, Walter; Bur, Michael; Tinner, Willy (2005). Waldbrand – nur ein Fall für die Feuerwehr ? Cratschla, 2005(2), pp. 12-13. Schweizerischer Nationalpark 10.5169/seals-418749

Als, Claudine; Bräutigam, Peter; Mirzaei, Siroos (2005). Sweet nuclear medicine phantoms for scintigraphic sentinel lymph node detection: a cooking recipe. European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, 32(5), pp. 623-624. Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00259-004-1751-2

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Amacker, Mario; Engler, Olivier; Kammer, Andreas R.; Vadrucci, Sonia; Oberholzer, David; Cerny, Andreas; Zurbriggen, Rinaldo (2005). Peptide-loaded chimeric influenza virosomes for efficient in vivo induction of cytotoxic T cells. International immunology, 17(6), pp. 695-704. Oxford University Press 10.1093/intimm/dxh249

Ameen, S.; Staub, L.; Ulrich, S.; Vock, P.; Ballmer, F.; Anderson, S. E. (2005). Harris lines of the tibia across centuries: a comparison of two populations, medieval and contemporary in Central Europe. Skeletal radiology, 34(5), pp. 279-284. Springer 10.1007/s00256-004-0841-3

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Anhalt, Elmar (2005). Über die allmähliche Verfertigung einer Biographie beim Leben: Ein Beitrag zur pädagogischen Biographieforschung. In: Aschermann, Ellen; Kaiser-El-Safti, Margret (eds.) Biographie: zwischen Lebenslauf und Lebensplan. Frauen antizipieren Zukunft: Vol. 3 (pp. 51-69). Köln: VUB-Gilde-Verlag

Annan, J.D.; Hargreaves, J.C.; Edwards, N.R.; Marsh, R. (2005). Parameter estimation in an intermediate complexity earth system model using an ensemble Kalman filter. Ocean Modelling, 8(1-2), pp. 135-154. Elsevier 10.1016/j.ocemod.2003.12.004

Antonov, Janine; Goldstein, Darlene R; Oberli, Andrea; Baltzer, Anna; Pirotta, Marco; Fleischmann, Achim; Altermatt, Hans J; Jaggi, Rolf (2005). Reliable gene expression measurements from degraded RNA by quantitative real-time PCR depend on short amplicons and a proper normalization. Laboratory investigation, 85(8), pp. 1040-50. New York, N.Y.: Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/labinvest.3700303

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Arnold, Markus C. (2005). Anreizwirkungen von Stock Options – Agencytheoretische Analyse von Motivations-, Investitions- und Diversifikationsproblemen. Wiesbaden: Gabler

Arnold, Markus C.; Gillenkirch, Robert M. (2005). Stock Options and Dividend Protection. Journal of institutional and theoretical economics / Zeitschrift für die gesamte Staatswissenschaft, 161(3), pp. 453-472. Mohr Siebeck 10.1628/093245605774259318

Arya, Arash; Kottkamp, Hans; Piorkowski, Christopher; Schirdewahn, Petra; Tanner, Hildegard; Kobza, Richard; Dorszewski, Anja; Gerds-Li, Jing-Hong; Hindricks, Gerhard (2005). Differentiating atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia from tachycardia via concealed accessory pathway. American journal of cardiology, 95(7), pp. 875-878. Elsevier 10.1016/j.amjcard.2004.12.020

Arévalo, Gabriela (2005). High Level Views in Object-Oriented Systems using Formal Concept Analysis. (Dissertation, University of Bern, Philosophisch-naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)

Arévalo, Gabriela; Ducasse, Stéphane; Nierstrasz, Oscar (February 2005). Lessons Learned in Applying Formal Concept Analysis. Lecture notes in computer science, 3403, pp. 95-112. Springer 10.1007/b105806

Arévalo, Gabriela; Ducasse, Stéphane; Nierstrasz, Oscar (March 2005). Discovering Unanticipated Dependency Schemas in Class Hierarchies. European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering. Proceedings, pp. 62-71. IEEE Computer Society 10.1109/CSMR.2005.24

Azzouz, Teldja N.; Gruber, Andreas; Schümperli, Daniel (2005). U7 snRNP-specific Lsm11 protein: dual binding contacts with the 100 kDa zinc finger processing factor (ZFP100) and a ZFP100-independent function in histone RNA 3' end processing. Nucleic acids research, 33(7), pp. 2106-2117. Oxford University Press 10.1093/nar/gki516

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Baca, Svetlana G.; Filippova, Irina G.; Ambrus, Christina; Gdaniec, Maria; Simonov, Yurii A.; Gerbeleu, Nicolae; Gherco, Olesea A.; Decurtins, Silvio (2005). From Mono- and Dinuclear to Polynuclear Cobalt(II) and Cobalt(III) Coordination Compounds Based ono-Phthalic Acid and 2,2'-Bipyridine: Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Properties. European journal of inorganic chemistry, 2005(15), pp. 3118-3130. Wiley-VCH 10.1002/ejic.200500008

Baca, Svetlana G.; Filippova, Irina G.; Franz, Patrik; Ambrus, Christina; Gdaniec, Maria; Stoeckli-Evans, Helen; Simonov, Yurii A.; Gherco, Olesea A.; Bejan, Tanea; Gerbeleu, Nicolae; Decurtins, Silvio (2005). Ni(II) coordination compounds based on mixed phthalate and aromatic amine ligands: synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties. Inorganica chimica acta, 358(6), pp. 1762-1770. Elsevier Sequoia 10.1016/j.ica.2004.10.028

Bacciarini, L N; Gottstein, Bruno; Wenker, C; Gröne, A (2005). Rapid development of hepatic alveolar echinococcosis in a cynomolgus monkey (Macaca fascicularis). Veterinary record, 156(3), pp. 90-91. British Veterinary Association

Bachmann, Lucas M; Jüni, Peter; Reichenbach, Stephan; Ziswiler, Hans-Rudolf; Kessels, Alfons G; Vögelin, Esther (2005). Consequences of different diagnostic ‘gold standards’ in test accuracy research: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as an example. International journal of epidemiology, 34(4), pp. 953-955. Oxford University Press 10.1093/ije/dyi105

Badertscher, Hans (2005). Intrigenspiel und Muskelkraft (Vorwort). In: Valkanover, Stefan (ed.) Intrigenspiel und Muskelkraft. Aspekte der Psychomotorik im Zusammenhang mit Mobbing im Kindergarten. Schulpädagogik, Fachdidaktik, Lehrerbildung: Vol. 11 (pp. 7-8). Bern: Haupt

Badertscher, Karin; Brönnimann, Marcel; Karlen, Stephan; Braathen, Lasse Roger; Yawalkar, Nikhil (2005). Mast cell chymase is increased in chronic atopic dermatitis but not in psoriasis. Archives of dermatological research, 296(10), pp. 503-506. Springer 10.1007/s00403-005-0542-3

Baggio, Vannozza; Ott, Fabienne; Fischer, René W.; Gram, Hermann; Peele, John; Spreng, David; Schmökel, Hugo; Jungi, Thomas (2005). Production of antibodies to canine IL-1beta and canine TNF to assess the role of proinflammatory cytokines. Veterinary immunology and immunopathology, 107(1-2), pp. 27-39. Elsevier 10.1016/j.vetimm.2005.02.019

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Barazani, Oz; Benderoth, Markus; Groten, Karin; Kuhlemeier, Cris; Baldwin, Ian T. (2005). Piriformospora indica and Sebacina vermifera increase growth performance at the expense of herbivore resistance in Nicotiana attenuata. Oecologia, 146(2), pp. 234-243. Springer 10.1007/s00442-005-0193-2

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Becker, Rolf (2005). Bildung. In: Datenreport 2004. Zahlen und Fakten über die Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Schriftenreihe / Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung: Vol. 440 (pp. 61-95). Bonn: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Becker, Rolf; Hecken, Anna Etta (2005). Berufliche Weiterbildung – arbeitsmarktsoziologische Perspektiven und empirische Befunde. In: Abraham, Martin; Hinz, Thomas (eds.) Arbeitsmarktsoziologie. Probleme, Theorien, empirische Befunde. Lehrbuch (pp. 133-168). Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften

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Beer, Karl T; Krause, Kerstin B; Zuercher, Theres; Stanga, Zeno (2005). Early percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy insertion maintains nutritional state in patients with aerodigestive tract cancer. Nutrition and cancer - an international journal, 52(1), pp. 29-34. Philadelphia, Pa.: Routledge 10.1207/s15327914nc5201_4

Beer, Karl T.; Bühler, Sabine S.; Mullis, Primus; Laeng, R. Hubert; Greiner, Richard (2005). A Microcystic Adnexal Carcinoma in the Auditory Canal 15 Years after Radiotherapy of a 12-Year-Old Boy with Nasopharynx Carcinoma. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, 181(6), pp. 405-410. Urban and Vogel 10.1007/s00066-005-1323-9

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Bengtsson, Therese; Aszodi, Attila; Nicolae, Claudia; Hunziker, Ernst B; Lundgren-Akerlund, Evy; Fässler, Reinhard (2005). Loss of alpha10beta1 integrin expression leads to moderate dysfunction of growth plate chondrocytes. Journal of cell science, 118(Pt 5), pp. 929-36. Cambridge: Company of Biologists Limited 10.1242/jcs.01678

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