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Hrycyk, Joris; Obmann, Verena Carola; Marx, Christina Lynn; Kadji, W; Catucci, D; Berzigotti, Annalisa; Ebner, Lukas; Christe, Andreas; Huber, Adrian Thomas (July 2020). Liver vein to cava attenuation: a simple parameter to increase predictive value of caudate-right lobe ratio and liver segmental volume ratio to detect significant liver fibrosis on abdominal CT scans (Unpublished). In: ECR 2020. Vienna. July 15-19, 2020.

Obmann, Verena Carola; Christe, Andreas; Berzigotti, Annalisa; Heverhagen, Johannes; Ebner, Lukas; Gräni, Christoph; Huber, Adrian Thomas (July 2020). T1 relaxation times of the liver and spleen to predict significant liver fibrosis - is there an additional value of normalization to blood pool? (Unpublished). In: ECR 2020. Vienna. July 15-19, 2020.

Catucci, D; Obmann, Verena Carola; Berzigotti, Annalisa; Hrycyk, Joris; Kadji, W; Gräni, Christoph; Ebner, Lukas; Christe, Andreas; Huber, Adrian Thomas (July 2020). Mapping of the liver function - impact of MR field strength on T1 reduction rate (Unpublished). In: ECR 2020. Vienna. July 15-19, 2020.

Obmann, Verena Carola; Kreis, Roland; Sack, I; Berzigotti, Annalisa; Obmann, M; Heverhagen, Johannes; Christe, Andreas; Huber, Adrian Thomas (July 2020). Single - and multi-frequency MR elastography with gradient-recalled echo and spin-echo echo-planar acquisitions: Comparison of robustness and intersegmental liver stiffness variation (Unpublished). In: ECR 2020. Vienna. July 15-19, 2020.

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