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Abarca Piedrafita, Eva Maria; Obrador de Aguilar, Rafael; Closa, Jose Maria; Ramis, Antonio; Font, Arturo (2013). Hypertensive retinopathy and choroidopathy associated to hyperaldosteronism and secondary hyperparathyroidism in a cat. Clinica veterinaria de pequeños animales, 33(1), pp. 35-40. AVEPA Official Journal

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Abitbol, Marie; Jagannathan, Vidhya; Lopez, Marie; Courtin, Ambre; Dufaure de Citres, Caroline; Gache, Vincent; Leeb, Tosso (2023). A CDH23 missense variant in Beauceron dogs with non-syndromic deafness. Animal genetics, 54(1), pp. 73-77. Wiley 10.1111/age.13273

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Agerholm, Jørgen S.; McEvoy, Fintan J.; Menzi, Fiona; Jagannathan, Vidhya; Drögemüller, Cord (2016). A CHRNB1 frameshift mutation is associated with familial arthrogryposis multiplex congenita in Red dairy cattle. BMC Genomics, 17(1) BioMed Central 10.1186/s12864-016-2832-x

Agerholm, Jørgen S.; Menzi, Fiona; McEvoy, Fintan J.; Jagannathan, Vidhya; Drögemüller, Cord (2016). Lethal chondrodysplasia in a family of Holstein cattle is associated with a de novo splice site variant of COL2A1. BMC veterinary research, 12(1), p. 100. BioMed Central 10.1186/s12917-016-0739-z

Ahmadpour, Amir; Aliarabi, Hassan; Khan, Mohammad Ghelich; Patton, Robert A; Bruckmaier, Rupert (2017). Temporal changes in milk fatty acid distribution due to feeding different levels of rolled safflower seeds to lactating Holstein cows. Journal of dairy science, 100(6), pp. 4484-4499. American Dairy Science Association 10.3168/jds.2016-12040

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Akinwande, Kayode Lawrence; Neumann, Peter (2018). Small hive beetle infestation levels of honey bee colonies correlate with precipitation and forest cover. Apidologie, 49(4), pp. 517-525. Springer 10.1007/s13592-018-0579-x

Akyürek, Eylem Emek; Busato, Francesca; Murgiano, Leonardo; Bianchini, Elisa; Carotti, Marcello; Sandonà, Dorianna; Drögemüller, Cord; Gentile, Arcangelo; Sacchetto, Roberta (2022). Differential Analysis of Gly211Val and Gly286Val Mutations Affecting Sarco(endo)plasmic Reticulum Ca2+-ATPase (SERCA1) in Congenital Pseudomyotonia Romagnola Cattle. International journal of molecular sciences, 23(20) MDPI 10.3390/ijms232012364

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Ali, B A; Toscano, Michael Jeffrey; Siegford, J M (2019). Later exposure to perches and nests reduces individual hens’ occupancy of vertical space in an aviary and increases force of falls at night. Poultry Science, 98(12), pp. 6251-6262. Oxford University Press 10.3382/ps/pez506

Alimohamadynafchi, Reza; Aliarabi, Hassan; Bruckmaier, Rupert; Christensen, Rachael G (2019). Effect of Different Sources of Supplemental Zinc on Performance, Nutrient Digestibility, and Antioxidant Enzyme Activities in Lambs. Biological trace element research, 189(1), pp. 75-84. Springer 10.1007/s12011-018-1448-1

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Alsaaod, Maher (2024). Orthopädische Erkrankungen beim Wiederkäuer (Unpublished). (Habilitation)

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