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Abbühl, Viviane; Muff, Christine; Zbinden Gysin, Karin (2006). Das Unmögliche möglich machen. Klartext(2) Bonn: Ludwig-Erhard-Stiftung e.V.

Abel, Thomas; Morabia, Alfredo (2006). East meets West – in Montreaux Survey, surveillance and health promotion in Eastern Europe. Sozial- und Präventivmedizin, 51(3), p. 127. Birkhäuser 10.1007/s00038-006-0027-y

Adam, Birgit; Liebregts, Tobias; Gschossmann, Juergen M; Krippner, Constanze; Scholl, Franziska; Ruwe, Marcus; Holtmann, Gerald (2006). Severity of mucosal inflammation as a predictor for alterations of visceral sensory function in a rat model. Pain, 123(1-2), pp. 179-86. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.pain.2006.02.029

Aebersold, D M (2006). [Radiotherapy of the prostate gland--old wine in a new bottle?]. Therapeutische Umschau, 63(2), pp. 151-6. Bern: Huber

Aebi, Max; Gunzburg, Robert; Szpalski, Marek (2006). Controversies in new technologies: how should a scientific journal stand? European spine journal, 15(7), pp. 1033-4. Berlin: Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00586-006-0153-5

Aebi, Robert; Neusser, Klaus; Steiner, Peter (2006). A Large Deviation Approach to the Measurement of Mobility. Swiss journal of economics and statistics / Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Volkswirtschaft und Statistik, 142(2), pp. 195-222. Bern: Lang

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Aebischer, Annina; Hostettler, Marc; Hauser, Jürg; Krämer, Karl; Weber, Thomas; Güdel, Hans-Ulrich; Bürgi, Hans-Beat (2006). Structural and Spectroscopic Characterization of Active Sites in a Family of Light-Emitting Sodium Lanthanide Tetrafluorides. Angewandte Chemie (International ed.), 45(17), pp. 2802-2806. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH 10.1002/anie.200503966

Aebischer, Olivier; Aebischer, Annina; Tondo, Patrick; Bassam, Alameddine; Massoud, Dadras; Güdel, Hans-Ulrich; Jenny, Titus (2006). Self-aggregated perfluoroalkylated hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene fibers observed by cryo-SEM and fluorescence spectroscopy. Chemical communications, 40(40), pp. 4221-4223. Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry 10.1039/b609056g

Afework, Yohannes; Mäser, Pascal; Etschmann, Benjamin; Samson Himmelstjerna, Georg; Zessin, Karl-Hans; Clausen, Peter-Henning (2006). Rapid identification of isometamidium-resistant stocks of Trypanosoma b. brucei by PCR - RFLP. Parasitology research, 99(3), pp. 253-261. Berlin: Springer 10.1007/s00436-006-0141-z

Afshar, Minoo; Thormann, Wolfgang (2006). Capillary electrophoretic investigation of the enantioselective metabolism of propafenone by human cytochrome P-450 SUPERSOMES: Evidence for atypical kinetics by CYP2D6 and CYP3A4. Electrophoresis, 27(8), pp. 1526-36. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH 10.1002/elps.200500664

Afshar, Minoo; Thormann, Wolfgang (2006). Validated capillary electrophoresis assay for the simultaneous enantioselective determination of propafenone and its major metabolites in biological samples. Electrophoresis, 27(8), pp. 1517-25. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH 10.1002/elps.200500663

Agerbaek, Mette Rylev; Lang, Niklaus Peter; Persson, Gösta Rutger (2006). Comparisons of bacterial patterns present at implant and tooth sites in subjects on supportive periodontal therapy. I. Impact of clinical variables, gender and smoking. Clinical oral implants research, 17(1), pp. 18-24. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/j.1600-0501.2005.01190.x

Agerbaek, Mette Rylev; Lang, Niklaus Peter; Persson, Gösta Rutger (2006). Microbiological composition associated with interleukin-1 gene polymorphism in subjects undergoing supportive periodontal therapy. Journal of periodontology, 77(8), pp. 1397-1402. Chicago, Ill.: American Academy of Periodontology 10.1902/jop.2006.050212

Aggouras, G; Anassontzis, E.G.; Ball, A.E.; Bourlis, G; Chinowsky, W; Fahrun, E; Grammatikakis, G; Green, C; Grieder, Peter; Katrivanos, P; Koske, P; Leisos, A; Ludvig, J; Markopoulos, E; Minkowski, Peter; Nygren, D; Papageorgiou, K; Przybylski, G; Resvanis, L.K.; Siotis, I; ... (2006). Recent results from NESTOR. Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A - accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment, 567(2), pp. 452-456. Amsterdam: North-Holland 10.1016/j.nima.2006.05.256

Aghayev, Emin; Jackowski, Christian; Sonnenschein, Martin; Thali, Michael; Yen, Kathrin; Dirnhofer, Richard (2006). Virtopsy hemorrhage of the posterior cricoarytenoid muscle by blunt force to the neck in postmortem multislice computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. American journal of forensic medicine & pathology, 27(1), pp. 25-9. Hagerstown, Md.: Wolters Kluwer Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1097/01.paf.0000201105.07267.fe

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Aguicenoglu, Hüseyin (2006). Der Roman als Medium der Geschichtskonstruktion: Neue historische Romane von Mehmed Uzun. Kurdische Studien, pp. 23-39. Berlin: Berliner Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Kurdologie

Agyeman, Osei; Nedeltchev, Krassen; Arnold, Marcel; Fischer, Urs; Remonda, Luca; Isenegger, Joerg; Schroth, Gerhard; Mattle, Heinrich P (2006). Time to admission in acute ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack. Stroke, 37(4), pp. 963-6. Baltimore, Md.: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1161/01.STR.0000206546.76860.6b

Al-Kathiri, Ali; Hofmann, Beda; Gnos, Edwin; Eugster, Otto; Welten, Kees; Krähenbühl, Urs (2006). Shisr 043 (IIIAB medium octahedrite): the first iron meteorite from the Oman desert. Meteoritics & planetary science, 41(Supplement 1), pp. 217-230. Fayetteville, Ark.: Meteoritical Society at the University of Arkansas, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry 10.1111/j.1945-5100.2006.tb00998.x

Alaoui, Abdallah; Helbling, Andreas (2006). Evaluation of soil compaction using hydrodynamic water content variation: Comparison between compacted and non compacted soil. Geoderma, 134(1-2), pp. 97-108. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science 10.1016/j.geoderma.2005.08.016

Albuquerque, Rodrigo Q.; Popovic, Zoran; De Cola, Luisa; Calzaferri, Gion (2006). Luminescence Quenching by O2 of a Ru2+ Complex Attached to Zeolite L. ChemPhysChem, 7(5), pp. 1050-1053. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH 10.1002/cphc.200600020

Alder, Judith; Stadlmayr, Werner; Tschudin, Sibil; Bitzer, Johannes (2006). Post-traumatic symptoms after childbirth: what should we offer? Journal of psychosomatic obstetrics and gynecology, 27(2), pp. 107-12. London: Informa Healthcare 10.1080/01674820600714632

Alexis, Neil E; Lay, John C; Zeman, Kirby L; Geiser, Marianne; Kapp, Nadine; Bennett, William D (2006). In vivo particle uptake by airway macrophages in healthy volunteers. American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology, 34(3), pp. 305-13. New York, N.Y.: American Lung Association 10.1165/rcmb.2005-0373OC

Alibert, Yann; Baraffe, Isabelle; Benz, Willy; Chabrier, Gilles; Mordasini, Christoph; Lovis, Christophe; Mayor, Michel; Pepe, Francesco; Bouchy, Francois; Queloz, Didier; Udry, Stephane (2006). Formation and structure of the three Neptune-mass planets system around HD 69830. Astronomy and astrophysics, 455(2), L25-L28. Les Ulis: EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361:20065697

Alibu, Vincent; Richter, Christina; Voncken, Frank; Marti, Gabriela; Shahi, Sanjay; Kunz Rengli, Christina; Seebeck, Thomas; Brun, Reto; Clayton, Christine (2006). The role of Trypanosoma brucei MRPA in melarsoprol susceptibility. Molecular and biochemical parasitology, 146(1), pp. 38-44. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.molbiopara.2005.10.016

Allcock, Liesl M.; Kenny, Rose Anne; Mosimann, Urs Peter; Tordoff, Sherley; Wesnes, Keith A.; Hildreth, Anthony J.; Burn, David J. (2006). Orthostatic hypotension in Parkinson's disease: association with cognitive decline? International journal of geriatric psychiatry, 21(8), pp. 778-783. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1002/gps.1562

Alleman, A Rick; Barbet, Anthony F; Sorenson, Heather L; Strik, Nicole I; Wamsley, Heather L; Wong, Susan J; Chandrashaker, Ramaswamy; Gaschen, Frédéric P; Luckschander, Nicole; Bjöersdorff, Annelli (2006). Cloning and expression of the gene encoding the major surface protein 5 (MSP5) of Anaplasma phagocytophilum and potential application for serodiagnosis. Veterinary clinical pathology, 35(4), pp. 418-25. Malden, Mass.: Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/j.1939-165X.2006.tb00158.x

Allemann, Sabin; Diem, Peter; Egger, Matthias; Christ, Emanuel R; Stettler, Christoph (2006). Fibrates in the prevention of cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Current medical research and opinion, 22(3), pp. 617-23. London: Informa Healthcare 10.1185/030079906X89865

Allemann, Yves; Hutter, Damian; Lipp, Ernst; Sartori, Claudio; Duplain, Hervé; Egli, Marc; Cook, Stéphane; Scherrer, Urs; Seiler, Christian (2006). Patent foramen ovale and high-altitude pulmonary edema. JAMA - the journal of the American Medical Association, 296(24), pp. 2954-8. Chicago, Ill.: American Medical Association 10.1001/jama.296.24.2954

Allenbach, Cindy; Zufferey, Christel; Perez, Cynthia; Launois, Pascal; Mueller, Christoph; Tacchini-Cottier, Fabienne (2006). Macrophages induce neutrophil apoptosis through membrane TNF, a process amplified by Leishmania major. Journal of immunology, 176(11), pp. 6656-64. Bethesda, Md.: American Association of Immunologists

Allenspach, K; Bergman, P J; Sauter, S; Gröne, A; Doherr, M G; Gaschen, F (2006). P-glycoprotein expression in lamina propria lymphocytes of duodenal biopsy samples in dogs with chronic idiopathic enteropathies. Journal of comparative pathology, 134(1), pp. 1-7. London: Elsevier 10.1016/j.jcpa.2005.06.003

Allenspach, K; Rüfenacht, S; Sauter, S; Gröne, A; Steffan, J; Strehlau, G; Gaschen, F (2006). Pharmacokinetics and clinical efficacy of cyclosporine treatment of dogs with steroid-refractory inflammatory bowel disease. Journal of veterinary internal medicine, 20(2), pp. 239-44. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 10.1892/0891-6640(2006)20[239:PACEOC]2.0.CO;2

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Allenspach, K; Vaden, S L; Harris, T S; Gröne, A; Doherr, M G; Griot-Wenk, M E; Bischoff, S C; Gaschen, F (2006). Evaluation of colonoscopic allergen provocation as a diagnostic tool in dogs with proven food hypersensitivity reactions. Journal of small animal practice, 47(1), pp. 21-6. Oxford: Pergamon Press 10.1111/j.1748-5827.2006.00007.x

Alley, Kerwyn G.; Bircher, Roland; Waldmann, Oliver; Ochsenbein, Stefan T.; Güdel, Hans U.; Boujemaa, Moubaraki; Murray, Keith S.; Fernandez-Alonso, Felix; Abrahams, Brendan F.; Boskovic, Colette (2006). Mixed-Valent Cobalt Spin Clusters: a Hexanuclear Complex and a One-Dimensional Coordination Polymer Comprised of Alternating Hepta- and Mononuclear Fragments. Inorganic chemistry, 45(22), pp. 8950-8957. Washington, D.C.: American Chemical Society 10.1021/ic060938e

Als, C (2006). Dissonances contemporaines du MUDAM.

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Als, C; Brautigam, P (2006). Job-sharing in nuclear medicine: an 8-year experience (1998-2006).

Altpeter, Ekkehardt-Siegfried; Röösli, Martin; Battaglia, Markus; Pfluger, Dominik; Minder, Christoph E; Abelin, Theodor (2006). Effect of short-wave (6-22 MHz) magnetic fields on sleep quality and melatonin cycle in humans: the Schwarzenburg shut-down study. Bioelectromagnetics, 27(2), 142-50.. New York,NY: Wiley-Liss 10.1002/bem.20183

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Ammann, RA (2006). The SPOG 2003 FN study on children with cancer and fever in neutropenia: risk assessment and low-risk adapted therapy. Schweizer Krebsbulletin / Bulletin suisse du cancer, 26(4), pp. 278-80. Bellinzona: Istituto oncologico della Svizzera Italiana

Amstutz, U; Giger, T; Champigneulle, A; Day, PJR; Largiader, CR (2006). Distinct temporal patterns of transaldolase 1 gene expression in future migratory and sedentary brown trout (Salmo trutta). Aquaculture, 1-4(260), j. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.aquaculture.2006.06.007

Ananworanich, J; Gayet-Ageron, A; Le Braz, M; Prasithsirikul, W; Chetchotisakd, P; Kiertiburanakul, S; Munsakul, W; Raksakulkarn, P; Tansuphasawasdikul, S; Sirivichayakul, S; Cavassini, M; Karrer, U; Genné, D; Nüesch, R; Vernazza, P; Bernasconi, E; Leduc, D; Satchell, C; Yerly, S; Perrin, L; ... (2006). CD4-guided scheduled treatment interruptions compared with continuous therapy for patients infected with HIV-1: results of the Staccato randomised trial. Lancet, 368(9534), pp. 459-65. London: Elsevier 10.1016/S0140-6736(06)69153-8

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Angermann, M; Hoppeler, H; Wittwer, M; Däpp, C; Howald, H; Vogt, M (2006). Effect of acute hypoxia on maximal oxygen uptake and maximal performance during leg and upper-body exercise in Nordic combined skiers. International journal of sports medicine, 27(4), pp. 301-6. Stuttgart: Thieme 10.1055/s-2005-865652

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Arlet, Vincent; Jiang, Liang; Steffen, Thomas; Ouellet, Jean; Reindl, Rudy; Aebi, Max (2006). Harvesting local cylinder autograft from adjacent vertebral body for anterior lumbar interbody fusion: surgical technique, operative feasibility and preliminary clinical results. European spine journal, 15(9), pp. 1352-9. Berlin: Springer 10.1007/s00586-006-0100-5

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